Absolutely exhausted. Still. Had the injection in my thumb joint, which hardly hurt at all because I had a local anaesthetic. They couldn’t do my knuckles, that involves a general anaesthetic or at least sedation. Thumb is still very painful, and now it’s been a week, not sure it’s going to settle at all. If it doesn’t, that means surgery (trapeziectomy). Big, big bummer. Check up in 5 weeks on 2nd November.

Just too many things happening at the moment. Maybe now I can get some rest. Car was serviced and MoTd today, so that’s all done, but it involves hubby driving to and from the garage so I can drop it off. But all done now.

Sleeping loads and loads, and very low. Hardly able to knit at all, managed 6 rows last night of a baby cardigan. Will keep trying, even if I only do a few rows per day, a baby thing shouldn’t take too long. Have re-organised my Xmas list, ordered most of it online, and have decided I just can’t be sure I’m able to knit any more presents. Ah well. Life does have a tendency to jump up and bite one, and now I’ve sort of taken hold of that and change my plans, I feel a bit better about that.

I have a chance to catch up on some sleep tomorrow, and Friday too.  We shop online at Waitrose, so it’s delivered every Saturday, and we’ve even booked the Christmas slot! which is just excellent. I just plonk any old order in the slot, so that you can keep the slot, and then edit it nearer the time.

Hubby currently cooking omelette for tea – he makes fab omelettes with potatoes, onions, bacon and all sorts. Food always helps – but I have to watch that, because the tendency is to think Ooh I’ll just have something to eat (toast, cereal, chocolate) because that makes me feel better. And of course because I don’t do any proper exercise I would just balloon.

Am intending to start going to yoga next week. Beginners’ yoga of course, and we’ll see how it goes. Have a yoga mat, and new big old t-shirts, one of which is emblazoned “Sonic The Hedgehog” which was one of my nicknames at an old job.

Well, as I don’t have anything cheerful to say, I’ll shut up.

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