Think I’ve wor…

Think I’ve worked out why I’m so damn low.

  1. Too much going on.
  2. In pain.
  3. Disappointed that I’m still in pain.

So that’s three things. Now I’ve worked that out, I do feel a bit better. As if I have some sort of control, even though I probably don’t.

So, this afternoon, I have done things which are relatively easy to do, but make me feel much more useful. I have done and printed out our home-made calendar for next year – it tells us when the school holidays are (grandchildren), when the bank holidays are, and when all the birthdays fall. It’s a bit of a faff to do because of course the days of the week and the dates are different every year, but I’ve done it. In Libre Office (ubuntu equivalent of Microsoft Excel).

Also have updated, saved and printed off a lovely knitting pattern for a little tiny angel to hang on the Christmas tree. I’ve bought some gold crochet yarn and will post a photo when it’s done – here’s a link to one somebody else has knitted:

Next, I did my ironing, which only took me 20 minutes. I promised myself I will do it every week, so it doesn’t build up too much. Then a little walk round the garden – round the block would just be too much today.

And now I’m sitting here feeling quite smug really, so that’s an improvement on pathetic and useless, isn’t it?

Here’s some photos of the garden.




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