Feeling a lot b…

Feeling a lot better now. Am back to normal – up about 10 am, potter about eating breakfast and so on for an hour, get showered and dressed, potter about a bit more, lunch, then back to bed. Have made some cards (greetings cards), pulled up a few weeds, and am generally perkier.

My thumb has settled down – it’s back to how it was before the injection. For the past two weeks or so it had been much worse than before, but now not so much. Taking regular painkillers and have a check up in 3 weeks now so will see what the consultant has to say.

The weather is beautiful. Cold-ish, but sunny and lovely. Today hubby and I had our flu jabs. Last year I had a funny turn and ended up on oxygen, but today was fine. Thank goodness.

Nearly finished the baby cardigan I’m knitting. I have had problems with the pattern and the yarn, however. The pattern is really badly written, and at one point even the stitch numbers are wrong. The yarn is 100% cotton 4 ply and you have to use two strands together. Well, I had separate yarn ball holders, but it still got into the most appalling mess. I spent 1 1/2 hours on Tuesday night untangling it, then a further 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday untangling some more. Thankfully I have a yarn winder or two, so once it was untangled, I wound it onto the cones. Just on the second sleeve now, which should be done by tomorrow evening, then it’s blocking, sewing up and doing the front band. Will post photo when it’s done.

I’m trying to be a bit more “ad-hoc” about what I knit next – I do have a tendency to plan ahead, so that before I’ve even finished one thing, I’m getting the next project ready. There are two choices – a pair of fingerless mittens to match a scarf my friend Sylvia knitted for me last year, or a baby sleeping bag. No rush for either, just thought it might be nice to do something small, for me, next. Am trying really hard not to decide too soon!

Went to a yoga class on Wednesday. Not good. Much too much standing up and sitting down to start with, and I went all pathetic and thought I might faint, but didn’t. Exercises ok, I just did the “easy” version, but the meditation was awful. Full of crap about “prana” and “chakra” and “feel the universe rinse your heart with colour” – for goodness’ sake. What a load of nonsense. So next week my friend Ana and I are going to try the Pilates class – she’s been to this particular one before and says it’s much better, and easier. Excellent. Job’s a good ‘un.

Treated myself to some Lancome moisturiser and lipstick. You get a load of free stuff too, samples and things, and it’s all absolutely lovely. Makes me feel rich, pampered, and smell nice, if only for a short time.

And have ordered some suede boots too. Am waiting (with bated breath) for them to arrive. Not sure whether I’ll keep both the black pair and the brown pair or send one pair back. Depends how I’m feeling . . .

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