16th October

Very up and down. Exhausted again. Slept till 11.45 today, so have had breakfast but nothing else yet. Working up to lunch.

Thumb terrible again. Very painful. Permanent painkillers. Hmph.

Tried machine knitting today – first of all I had a go at a baby blanket which is a pattern I’ve knitted a number of times now. Failed. Epic fail. So I had a go at a scarf – easy enough, you’d think, but I was using double knitting yarn (8 ply or worsted) on a standard gauge machine, which is supposed to manage it on the loosest tension. Again, fail. Much too tight. So I rewound that yarn back on to the bobbin and may knit something by hand with it. We’ll see. What a waste of 45 minutes.

Yesterday had to go to the Job Centre to see if I’m well enough to work. No, seriously. Now I am awaiting an appointment with some company or other who talk to you (in a group) in an attempt to support you back to work. I’m not sure how that will go, as I’m asleep all the damn time! and the old brain clearly isn’t working, witness the machine knitting disaster. Ah well, we’ll see.

Just had text from grandson who is off school ill, on his new smartphone. Bless him.

Off to make a cup of tea and eat some chocolate, or maybe lunch, with chocolate afterwards. Haven’t decided yet. I’m guessing chocolate first, actually, as it’s much easier and quicker than lunch, and maybe lunch later.

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