20th December 2012

Knitting machine has arrived at its destination in Iceland. A few problems with operation, but I’m really hoping it’ll sort itself out. The thing is that the actual journey may have caused the problems – these are sensitive machines and the slightest thing can cause it to play up.

Haven’t been well since Sunday night. This is the first day I’ve been up, showered and dressed, and am feeling like a normal person. It was a very odd virus indeed. I thought I was going to vomit the whole time, but didn’t. Nothing like that at all, though my tummy was going crazy. Also very, very giddy and weak. So three days in pjs, in bed, not eating. Just as well I carry half a stone extra in weight for just such an eventuality, as I’ve lost five pounds. It’ll all be fine, it’ll go back on again now I’m back to normal.

And it was such a shame it happened just then because ED came to stay on Sunday night, and went home yesterday. It was lovely to see her looking so well and happy. Would have been even better had I been able to join in stuff!

Mobile phone saga. Aha. My HTC Wildfire S has been annoying me for some time, and I really wanted an iPhone. But my provider is Virgin, and they don’t do iPhones. So I had to set up a second contract, as the current one doesn’t run out till August 2013, and I just can’t stand the hassle with the old phone that long. Ordered a Nokia Lumia. I knew it ran Windows, but never in a million years did I think that it wouldn’t sync with my Google calendar! which is the whole point of the phone for me. So that had to go back, and I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy SIII which is absolutely perfect. The trouble I had on the phone to Virgin though. I can’t understand most of their support personnel   and they don’t have the information they need, just a crappy script they have to get through. All the sales personnel are clear and helpful – strangely (!)  hmm. The old phone did go back, but there was no jiffy bag to put it in. The courier said that was fine. It wasn’t. It appeared back at my house again yesterday. I phoned Virgin and they tried to tell me that the Post Office would accept a Yodel delivery bag. I had my doubts, and it took 4 circles round that loop before they decided they’d send me another bag. Which arrived today and is a Post Office bag. Thank heavens. Virgin emailed me for feedback. Well, they got it right enough. No holds barred.

Interestingly, while I’ve been in bed, my hand hasn’t been painful. Probably because I wasn’t doing anything to make it hurt. So I stopped taking the Tramadol. Bad, bad, bad idea. Withdrawal symptoms – very odd. Like little doors going swish, swish, swish, in my head. I recognised the symptoms from when I had to stop taking Venlafaxine (an antidepressant) cold turkey. So I started taking the Tramadol again, but a much reduced dose, and the swishing has gone away. Still no pain though. We will see. I’ll keep trying to reduce the dose to nothing and we’ll see how we go.

Christmas tree is up – it looks lovely. Hubby helped me – but wouldn’t help putting the baubles on. He says it’s because it needs an “artistic” eye. I think it’s because it’s just one step too girly. 🙂

Expecting my friend from Stitch today – soon maybe. I won’t be able to make Stitch group tonight (not that much better!) and it’s Secret Santa tonight. So she’s coming to fetch the Secret Santa present and a double choc chip cake I’ve made her. She has such a busy life though I don’t know how she fits it all in. The energy of youth!

Had pea and ham soup for lunch – I always find soup so warming. I only tend to have it when I’m ill though, I always think of it as invalid food. May need to restructure my thinking on that . . . then an apricot, a satsuma, then a very very small piece of cake. Excellent.

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