Date for hand surgery!

Finally, finally, finally! the hospital have phoned today and I’m having my hands fixed on the 7th February, as a day case. Hooray. The pain has been getting worse, and I’ve really been struggling with it. Medication, cold compresses, hot compresses, Biofreeze gel, you name it.

Fortunately I will have been able to finish the craft room – all furnished but I need to hem and line the curtains, and there will be enough material to make two matching cushion covers out of the curtain fabric, so that will look nice.

Went and had my eyes tested yesterday – no change in the prescription, but I have the beginnings of a cataract. So that’s why my sight hasn’t been quite as sharp as I’d like. I’ve ordered new glasses anyway . . . Jasper Conran 50 and Gok Wan 08 for my sunglasses, if you want to google them. For some reason, they’re both considered men’s glasses, but were displayed in the women’s section at Specsavers yesterday. Anyway, they’re just the job, and a little bit different from my usual. More geeky.

Stitch tonight. Hooray! I should really be hemming curtains right now, but we have heavy snow predicted for tomorrow and Saturday, so there will be plenty of time to do those things. I’ve decided I’ll hem the curtains – one job. Make linings – another job. Fix linings to curtains – another job. Make cushion covers – another job. That way they’re bite sized, and not such a marathon. Partly to deal with my energy levels, partly to help with the painful hands. Will post photos when it’s all done . . .

It’s very cold today, and was yesterday. Not expected to get above freezing point. So I’m very pleased to be inside our warm house.

That’s about it for today – just had to share the good news about my surgery!

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