The day before surgery

Well. I’m ready, practically speaking. I’ll be in plaster for two weeks +, so I’ve made sure I’m up straight with the ironing. There are six cakes in the freezer, two complete, two in halves, two in slices. Tidied up my desk and done all my filing. Got YD’s birthday present ready, and bought birthday cards for the next three months. Reorganised the shelving slightly in the craft room. Made sure all the full length skirts are the right length, rather than dragging on the ground as I’m so small.

In one way I’m excited about having this surgery done because it’s been 27 months now since I started having problems, and I’ve had four steroid injections and one operation (carpal tunnel release) in an effort to sort me out. This should be the thing that works, I hope.

But I hate not being independent! I’ve got out both the old-person bathroom aids (a collapsible stool for the shower, and a bench for the bath), and bought a waterproof cover for the arm which will be in plaster (it’s called a Limbo). So as much as is possible I’ve got everything ready.

I’ve packed the bag for tomorrow, including two knitting magazines which arrived today. I’m desperate to read them but am saving them for tomorrow. Who knows how long I’ll have to wait before I go into theatre.

Am completely off the Tramadol now, with no ill effects. The pain of course is awful, but that will change tomorrow, one way or another.

Well, I think that’s probably about it for now. I will blog again as soon as I am able to type.

One thought on “The day before surgery

  1. I am loving your updates. I am going in for a trapeziectomy this Tuesday and your posts are really helping in what to expect moving forward. Keep it up!

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