next exciting instalment

hospital yesterday. they removed the old cast, took out four stitches from the three wounds in my wrist – the big wound in my hand has invisible stitches under the skin. put on a new cast – a thumb spica they called it – which immobilises my thumb. the cast is smaller, lighter, and much harder/firmer than the last one. i was able to wash my hands – oh the bliss – before they removed the stitches and stuff.  i was in a lot of pain last night – because they’d been Doing Things to my hand I guess, and today not much better.


But i’ve managed to reduce the tramadol to 1 x 4 times a day, which is less than 2 x 3 times a day. still taking the paracetamol though.

i seem to have less use in my hand now because the thumb is not moveable. but the strength in my fingers is still gradually improving. i can’t do my own hair mousse though now. two more weeks and they are going to remove the plaster, fix me up with a removable splint, and give me physio exercises to do.

but they said yesterday it’ll be a good 3 months before i’m anything like back to normal. you know, they don’t tell you this stuff before the op. only afterwards.

must say the care at the hospital is absolutely wonderful. i love the NHS. without it, i’d be in real trouble, physically and financially. thank goodness for it i say.

3 thoughts on “next exciting instalment

  1. Hello! Thank you for following my blog! Oh, I do love connecting to other knitters (and other grannies!). I hope you heal very quickly. It isn’t easy, I know. I broke my wrist years ago and the recovery was soooo long and drawn out. Prayers for a good day today. It’s nice to meet you!

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