just a quickie

have been for a little walk today! just round the block, only 10 minutes, but the weather is dry, and not quite sunny. nice wind blowing so all the cobwebs have gone!

can now dress myself (if hubby does up my bra), even though i still need help showering. a bit low mood-wise but hopefully that will sort itself out. in fact, a bit weepy, then next minute i’m singing, so mood swings i guess.

pain control – 2 x paracetamol 3 times a day, one or two tramadol as necessary, but very much ad hoc instead of regularly. so marked improvement there.

still no appointment with the hospital to remove cast and see physio – actually that needs two appointments, believe it or not, and the departments don’t seem to co-ordinate such things. so tomorrow, before the steroid injection in my foot, i’m going to phone them. am actually very anxious and cross about it, probably more than necessary, so must remain calm.

and here are a couple of photos of a very relaxed cat . . . it must be such a hard life!ImageImageImage

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