just a diary.

Writing the “bullying” blog was cathartic and left me feeling much better. It had been building up for years inside me. Phew. That’s done then.

Hubby is currently listening to classical music, there’s nothing worth watching on the TV, and I’ve just started reading Ian Rankin’s latest book. It’s called Standing in Another Man’s Grave, and I was surprised to discover it’s a Rebus book. Hooray! It’s on my Kindle, which is much easier to manage than “real” books at the moment.

I’m also reading a “real” book as well (at bedtime) – a Debbie Macomber book. I love Debbie Macomber. This one’s about how her character started up a yarn shop. As my two friends Vickie and Ana have just done that exact same thing, it’s very appropriate. And there’s lots about knitting in there too. Excellent.

My sister’s younger daughter is 30 today. Love her to bits. She had a baby last December and is a wonderful, wonderful mother. Can’t wait to meet the baby, who looks like a really interesting character. Mm.

Our cat is currently sprawled on our bed, fast asleep. It’s such a hard life being a cat. However, she has spent most of today scampering around the garden, now the hour has changed and we’re on British Summer Time. It means the evenings are lighter, and she just loves it.

Struggling with the pain in my hand/wrist tonight. Have had to take two Tramadol, one at lunchtime, one this evening. But back to physio on Monday and will see what they say about it.

Am delighted the sun has finally appeared. It makes everything seem so much better. And it’s good for us – am planning, if I can, to sort out my Oxalis Triangularis – this is what they look like when they’re open, and in the evening the blooms fold up and look like butterflies.Thanks to Davesgarden.com for the picture. I’ll have lots and lots when I’ve sorted them out, the corms seem to divide and multiply each year. Might see if anybody at Stitch group would like some . . .Image

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