Various projects

I am feeling very pleased with myself. Mostly because I have learned to crochet. I used to crochet, when I was a teenager, so many many years ago now. I made lots of little cloche hats, which really didn’t suit me. I haven’t done any since then. On Friday I went to Stitch Solihull’s Beginner’s Crochet and learned all over again. I’m absolutely delighted.


Here is my first attempt at a “granny square”. The intention is to crochet several and then join them together to make a doll’s blanket. My tension is rather uneven and wobbly, but I’m doing some every day so that I improve.

Then I decided I need a project bag to put it in, as my knitting project bag is full of the short-sleeved cardigan I’m doing. So I found a tutorial on this website.


I’m delighted. It’s completely reversible, and I’ve made a reasonably good job of it as well. Very neat and tidy. One lot of fabric is from the Ikea curtains I cut down for the craft room, the other lot is also Ikea fabric which I used to line my denim project bag. I also happened to have the “dressing gown” cord which I’ve used to fasten it.

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