Back to normality.

The kitchen has stayed exactly the same. There is more tiddling about to do, but I have been so busy!

On Hallowe’en hubby’s ES and his three children came to stay. ES took so much trouble – a bowl of custard and a bowl of porridge, both with “things” in – tinned peach slices, plastic spiders, worms, etc – for them to feel through holes in a cardboard box, in low lighting, one at a time. All four had faces painted to look scary – 2 x zombies, lizard, and scary doll. I don’t need bags painted under my eyes, I have my own.

It was absolutely lovely. The children are always a joy, and ES is fun, good company, and easy to be around.

Then on Friday it was hubby’s birthday, and what a delight to have family to celebrate with. On Saturday, YS and the other two grandchildren came, and the two children stayed overnight. We all went out for a meal which was great fun. Not much sleeping was done by children, but that’s what happens on sleepovers when you have two 12 year-olds and two 9 1/2 year-olds. The four year old slept though!

Healthwise – am having physiotherapy on my wonky hands, and it seems to be helping. ECG tomorrow to make sure my heart is ok. Cholesterol, after four months of drastically reduced cheese intake, had gone up from 6.1 to 6.8. Gaaaagh! so I’m continuing with the reduced cheese thing, have given up goat yoghurt with jam and have bought soya flavoured pretend yoghurts instead, and am having porridge for breakfast, made with oats and soya milk. It’s delicious. Will see how that affects the cholesterol. Bah.

My back, however, for the last week, has been horrible. Very painful. Painkillers, hot packs, cold packs, today osteopath (and she wants to see me next week as well, because there is swelling from waist to hips), and have taken two Tramadol today, which always help. A lot. And I can take two Paracetamol at 6 pm then two more Tramadol at bedtime, which should mean tomorrow is much better.

Knitting – ups and downs. Was knitting a lovely shawlette for a Christmas present, but the yarn wasn’t very good. It was expensive, but looked like it was pilling as I knitted it. Sent a photo to the suppliers, who refunded me straight away. I was very impressed with their service, but now don’t have time to knit the shawlette for said Christmas present. But I have another idea, so that’s ok. And will start that particular present earlier next year, with different yarn.

Crochet workshop yesterday – granny squares. I was able to do them, but now I’m able to do better ones. And triangles! Triangles, no less! very pleased.

Went to Stitch & Sip today.  I’ve knitted almost all of a little hooded top for a baby, but am having problems with the second sleeve. Twice I’ve got to the top, then had to rip it all the way down to the cast off for the decreasing. But I know what I’ve been doing wrong, and should get that done tonight. So when I came home from Stitch, I had less knitting than when I started! but it was fun anyway.

That’s about it for now, more when there is more to tell.