Review of my 2013

I’ve just been reading through my blogs, to refresh my memory, but I think this is about it:

This year I have:

  • had surgery to remove a bone in my hand, which has successfully reduced the pain to almost nothing.
  • been to Harry Potter World and had a fabulous time.
  • been able to start knitting properly again after over 2 years.
  • learned to crochet.
  • learned to knit socks.
  • seen various friends and family.
  • had two back “episodes”.
  • knitted some Christmas presents.
  • been to Southampton for a weekend in November.
  • been to Brighton for a weekend just before Christmas.
  • spent Christmas Eve in bed ill, and was unable to eat any roast dinner
  • been cooked a special Christmas dinner by fabulous hubby, last night.

So a very good year, all things considered. Hubby’s health has been good too, and as long as we keep taking our medication, all will be well. He’s currently singing aloud, with gusto, to Van Morrison “Goodnight Irene”.

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