59 years old

Today is my birthday. It’s cold, wet, and windy. But it’s March, in the UK, so it would be really. But the daffodils are out, the crocuses are still pretty, and the tulips are trying their best.

And I have had a wonderful day. Lots of chocolate, a pile of new books to read, a new Kindle (old one is dying!), and visits/phone calls from the family. Lovely.

Finished a jacket I have been knitting. It’s a Bergère de France pattern, Veste Courte from magazine 159. It’s knitted in Magic +, which is Aran weight. It took 9 weeks. I had finished the back when I noticed a mistake and had to unravel it as far as the beginning of the  armhole shaping. Also had to redo some of one of the fronts, and redo the shoulder decreases so that the number of stitches was right for the patterning on the collar. So it’s been an adventure, but at no point did I get upset, or tearful about it. Here’s a photo of me wearing it.


My next project is Octopush, which is a set of 8 blocks, made from 2″ cubes of foam, covered with knitting, in a particular configuration. Here‘s a link so that you can see what it’s supposed to do. Scroll down to see an animated gif. I’ve done one cube so far.

I have lots of projects in my head, and lots of yarn in my stash. But not enough projects for all of it . . . . which makes it exciting, because there are unplanned possibilities still to be explored!

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