And here we are again.

Summer appears to be here, however fleeting it may be. Hooray! not too hot, just sunny, breezy and generally pleasant.

Spent the weekend in Brighton with ES, MS (Eldest Son, Middle Son) and their families. Excellent. A wonderful time was had by all.

2014-06-21 16.33.40

I’m absolutely knackered now, of course, even though hubby did the driving. Have spent hours and hours asleep in the day. But am starting to feel slightly more human, now. (It’s Wednesday today). Even managed a little gardening this morning. Love my garden.




Also love strawberry season (his – ice cream & hers – sugar). Yum.

2014-06-24 19.27.342014-06-24 19.27.30









  • woke at 9.15 am. Sat under my light box for 15 minutes whilst perusing facebook, twitter, the news, the weather and my emails on my phone.
  • Downstairs at 9.30 ish. Bowl of own-brand Shreddies (we avoid Nestle like the plague when we can) with soya milk.
  • Played on the computer for a while, sorting out bank accounts, yarn ordering, and bending my brain round a crossword or two. Only quick ones, really can’t handle the cryptic ones.
  • Spent a happy half hour in the garden, cutting the hardy geraniums back to the soil. The ones in the back garden are ok for another week or so.
  • Came in, had a cup of tea, sat and rested for a while.
  • Had lunch. New routine for lunch – was horrified at my back view in the sea in Brighton, and I already knew I’m 7 lbs overweight. So no more bread rolls. Ryvita instead. Loving the Mediterranean herbs flavour. Also no more weekday chocolate. At all. Not even one cube.
  • Back to bed at 2 pm for a two hour sleep.
  • Made another cup of tea and am now doing my blog!

2014-06-25 10.40.04 2014-06-25 10.40.11 2014-06-25 10.40.22 2014-06-25 10.40.26




It’s been a long while.

Well. Six weeks. Naughty. But I’ve been caught up in all sorts of things.

YD has been having a dreadful time at work, and although it’s nearly over, a hurdle or two remains to be dealt with. Nearly there though.

Also struggling with the M.E. and two weeks ago had a throat infection which confined me to bed for a few days, and removed my voice. A week later the voice returned, although a bit quiet and croaky, but at least I’m able to communicate.

Been doing some knitting on and off.

2014-05-21 19.20.17 2014-06-04 21.40.38 2014-06-12 19.49.05 2014-06-13 13.44.48










And the big news is that ED is expecting her first baby in November. Huge excitement all round. Went to see her about three weeks ago, and she’s stopped feeling quite so dreadful, but still not great. She looks wonderful, though, and is radiant with impending motherhood. Love it.

A few random photos, and a couple of the garden.2014-05-20 12.49.36 mysterious moth 2014-05-20 12.49.47-1