Time for another blog

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged. But it is, so there you are.

Feeling quite low at the moment. I have a chest infection and mild pleurisy. Doxycyline and co-codamol. But the antibiotics make me nauseous and these things always make me very tired for ages and ages. I’m having to drag myself out of bed in the mornings, and can’t wait until it’s afternoon sleep time. I have been able now, for the past couple of days, to get up, showered and dressed, but haven’t been out of the house for two weeks (except when hubby took me to the doctor’s).

Can’t even knit. And that’s depressing in itself. Luckily I have done all the Christmas knitting, apart from finishing off the wreath I’ve started. My brain just isn’t up to it, and I’m aching and giddy anyway, and my hands and arms hurt.

Instead, I’ve been playing Solitaire on the computer, or on my iPad. My iPad is a first generation one, old now, but works fine. I play Solitaire & Mahjongg on it, look at the BBC news & weather, facebook and my emails. All without moving from my chair!

ED is about to give birth. Due date next Tuesday 18th November. She looks wonderful. Golden, pink, pregnant and blooming. But she’s uncomfortable now and it’s difficult to sleep, sit, stand, eat, anything really. She’s doing relaxation and swimming – casually mentioned that she swam a mile the other week. A mile! when 8 months pregnant! wow. I’ve done some knitting for the baby, which I really enjoyed, and she was delighted with it too. Spot the hat that looks like a boob (intentionally!)

2014-06-27 21.02.16 20140726_133915 20140704_214703

2014-10-18 20.12.06 2014-10-26 12.42.57-1 2014-10-16 13.55.12

And here’s a couple of me being a domestic goddess and making raspberry jam. It’s all gone now. It was delicious. When I’m better I’ll make more. I have all the ingredients for the mincemeat – I’ve never made my own before, so it’s all very exciting. When I can stand up for long enough, I’m going to do that too.

2014-09-13 10.49.37 2014-09-13 11.16.41

All the Christmas present shopping is now done. Thank goodness for the internet. Lots of parcels arriving, every day now. Wonderful. Just bits and bobs now – little extra bits for people. Can’t be too specific – I don’t know who reads this blog!

That’s about it. No energy, no oomph, no va-va-voom, no knitting or crochet mojo. It’ll all be fine. In a week or two I’ll be my normal self.

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