Je Suis Charlie

I’m so sad and angry about this. As a non-believer, I really don’t understand how it’s ok to kill people, to shoot them dead, just because they made a cartoon that “offends” someone. Nobody has the right not be offended. Be offended, just deal with it. Drawing satirical cartoons is only provocative if one accepts their reasoning, which according to one imam I saw on the news said that the Prophet was exquisite physical perfection personified. Really? was he? even the most barn-storming Christians accept that Jesus was flawed, because he was human. And even if the Prophet is regarded as having been perfect, how is a satirical cartoon going to make any difference to that belief?

I’m happy to see that various national Muslim bodies are condemning the attack, though. And I think the French police have done an absolutely excellent job sorting them all out. I’m very sad for the families of those who died though. Very sad. It’s comforting to see international condemnation, even with the occasional right-wing selfish commentator talking rubbish.

That’s all for now.

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