What’s been occurring . . . ?

The blu-ray player, which went wrong in March, was finally returned to us a couple of weeks ago, and is still wonky. Sticks, judders, and is very noisy. So we are finally being provided with a brand new one. I should think so too. It’s under guarantee. They had it for three months! and had said there was no fault found, but they replaced the main mechanism anyway. Well, you know what? I wasn’t terribly impressed. But the new one should arrive this week. Hmph.

Then the food processor died. It is very, very old. At least 25 years. Which is excellent for a kitchen appliance. But I use it every time I do any baking. Hubby is quite/very keen on a Thermomix to replace it. He’s been wanting a Thermomix for a long time now, but we didn’t have an excuse. Now we do.  But they are very expensive. Hm. Meanwhile, no baking. Unless hubby helps with the heavy stuff, which he has said he’ll do.

Next, the old fridge died. Luckily we have two, so the other one is packed to the gunnels with everything, and the new one is coming today. Although there are only 55 minutes left in the delivery slot, and no sign yet . . . *update* they’ve phoned, been, taken the old fridge away and set up the new one. John Lewis. Very efficient. Can’t beat them. And not an expensive fridge either (Zanussi – £129!)

Also, hubby’s car is in the garage for its MoT today, and it’s been leaking oil, so that could be expensive.

But everything else is working fine . . .

I have stuff to do in the garden, but am just too damn tired. So it’ll wait. It’s only deadheading the poppies, and they’ll stay dead. And, actually, more will die in the meantime, so it’s probably better to wait anyway. The Absolutely Fabulous rose my sister gave me for my birthday is now blooming.

IMG_20150618_133510891 20150519_114630 20150519_114626

There is a pot of catnip (nepeta) in the garden, especially for the cat. And she loves it. I’ve actually watched her licking the leaves. Then she lies down on the ground and rolls about. As if she’s stoned. Which she probably is.


Knitting is going well. Three Christmas presents done, started on the next one, all exciting stuff. I’ve learned how to do the long-tail cast on, which is better for knitting in the round, because you end up with the right side of the knitting outwards, which is what you want. And the cardigan I was knitting is now finished, and I’m delighted. Next project for me is this pattern, in Bergère de France Reflet (the cream colour). I’ve done a sample, to check the tension, and am very pleased with how it looks.

IMG_20150606_103013072 IMG_20150606_102932464

And I have bought some new style trousers. They’re called harem pants, which made hubby laugh. Very IMG_20150619_115858910_HDRcomfortable indeed. Am planning to wear them tomorrow.

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