Yes, I am. Thank you! yes, I am a little pale, but a bit of make-up will sort that out before I go into Solihull later. Don’t want to frighten the children .  .  .

Finished the steroids on Sunday, the Doxycycline on Monday, and voice returned on Tuesday. A bit quiet, but nonetheless a voice. Hooray!

Phoned Mother. Not only has she gashed her right shin, she now has 19 stitches in her left knee (car door blew back onto her leg). Her only complaint is that she’s slow walking everywhere! She says she has no pain, but her right leg is a bit stiff in the morning, and no thank you, there’s nothing she needs us to do. Brave or what. Eighty-three. Planning to live to be 100, she says.

Hairdo booked for later today, dentist booked for next Monday, ECG for next Thursday, (blood pressure textbook today, but pulse a bit fast), bish bash bosh.

Feeling like a proper person, finally! all the worries in my muddly head have sorted themselves out – some practical, some just worries (what about Islam? what about religion? what about the world in general?) – and have relegated themselves to their proper place at the back of my filing cabinet/brain.

Still haven’t knitted anything for weeks though, haven’t even picked up the needles. Maybe later. We shall see.


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