Grumpy McGrumpface

Yep, that’s me. Was doing ok until Tuesday last, when I woke with no voice again. Feeling poorly too, haven’t put actual clothes on since last Monday. Yesterday thought I was improving slightly, but today my sinuses are blocked with the usual accompanying head and face ache. Still, thank goodness for Lemsip with its painkillers and decongestant. Am supposed to be at the hairdressers on Wednesday, but we shall see.

No knitting, just can’t think straight.

I’ve been asleep most of the days, and all night too, and not eating terribly well either. Hubby is doing a grand job of looking after me. The cat is a bit discombobulated though. (“you’re not bleeding, why aren’t you looking after me?”)

Seen a few good films on the tv over the last few weeks though.

Sicario: excellent. Violent, tense, Emily Blunt looking thin and fraught.
Gone Girl: excellent thriller. Lots of twists and turns in the story.
Ex Machina: excellent sci-fi. Creepy, tense, unexpected.
12 Angry Men: very, very good. A jury sits to decide whether a man on trial is innocent or guilty of murder. Sounds boring, but really, really isn’t.

~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Got quite fraught yesterday when I thought that I’d lost this blog. I could still see it as a visitor, but logging in has become a whole new game. Decided to leave it a day, and actually found my way back in. It asks for your email address, then when you give that, it sends you a sign-in link which takes you to a brand new, empty, account. If it said “email address OR USER NAME”, that would be much clearer, and so much more helpful. So eventually I put in my user name, password, and hoped for the best, and guess what. Here I am. But what a bummer.

And, if you’re an Archers fan, OH MY GOD! no spoilers, but what a shock!

Anyway. That’s it for now. No more headspace.