Lego Storage

Yup, Lego storage.  I bought a big tub of Lego from ebay years ago and it’s been great. However, for some reason or other, the various children who play with it like to tip it out on the carpet (fair enough), then take apart the tiny little people who are part of it. As a consequence, various mothers and I have spent a long time (and I mean a LONG time), trawling through hundreds of minute pieces of  Lego searching for, say, a hand, or a hat, or a head. Which are also minute.

So I heard somebody mention Lego storage and a little light bulb went on in my head. What a damn good idea, I thought. So I ordered two sets of the 0.3 litre size boxes, which come in sets of 16, with a sort of thing they stand in, and sorted all the bits and pieces into those. By shape. It was quite good fun to do, actually, and looked great when it was finished.

But here’s the thing. Quite a big thing, really. The children didn’t want to play with it any more.

So. Back to the drawing board. I measured the cupboard (IKEA Acrobat) and decided it would be ok for 8 x the 1.7 litre size boxes. Ordered those, and re-sorted the bits and pieces by COLOUR. Yup. Colour. Thank you Charlie for your inspiration!

So much easier. SO much easier. There are seven boxes sorted that way, and one box full of odds and ends – wheels, strange little tiny stick things, and a tiny box with the little people in (yep, they’re still being kept together .  .)

I even managed to fit in the Duplo (again from ebay) too, so it’s a win-win so far. And I could even fit another two 1.7 litre boxes in the cupboard, should it become necessary. Again, looks great.

Now I have 32 x 0.3 litre boxes to get rid of. Mm.


And the big test will be when children come to play . . . .

Maintenance and Upkeep

That’s how I refer to the myriad ways I keep body and soul together without disintegrating completely.

It involves: the doctor, James the hairdresser, Laura who does my feet, Jenny the osteopath, the dentist, my husband who puts me back together when I start to fall apart, my daughters, and a lot of medication.

Next week I’m having my hair done, having a hearing test, and going to the osteopath, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I had almost finished a baby cardigan for a baby-to-be, in lovely West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep DK. I’d used a pattern I’ve not tried before. It was awful. The neckline was lumpy and vile. I picked up the neck stitches twice, tried to sort it out with matching wool, and eventually threw a minor, adolescent-type hissy fit and dumped it. Then I grew up again, got it out of the bin and unpicked as much of it as I could manage. It’s lovely to knit with, but very sticky to unravel. Row ends and shaping were a particular problem.

So now I’m knitting a Puerperium for another baby-to-be, in the same yarn but different colour. I do have a plan to replace the disaster, which involves buying more yarn. Yay!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also thinking about the autumn, garden-wise. Rudbeckias, dahlias and planting some daffodil bulbs and possibly some crocus bulbs are currently swirling about in my brain. Mm.


Despite the lack of rain

Our garden has apparently survived. Two months without any meaningful rain. The water butts were empty. I only watered the plants in pots two or three times a week, and any plants that were seriously wilting once a week. I think one of the hydrangeas has died. We shall see next year. But it is/was a new sort of hydrangea which flowers on new growth, rather than only on old growth. I think that might mean it needs more water. So there are no flowers on that now. The buddleias look a bit rough but are very hardy, almost thuggish.

But how pleased I am with the herbs, the rudbeckias and the ornamental grass. That grass was in a terrible state, but with repotting, new compost, and plant feed capsules, it’s recovered well. The hydrangeas are just lovely. Even the pinky-blue one under the willow, which is a thirsty tree, is doing well.


But the lawn looks like yellow matted straw. You can see it a bit in one of the photos. Mm. Lawn man has been today to do things to it, so hopefully next spring it should grow again.