I’m told that when you have toothache to leave it a few weeks, because it might settle down.

So I did. Not the best idea.

I have a sinus infection, which is causing some (lots of) pain in my lower jaw. Yep, my lower jaw. Upper jaw as well, just to add to the confusion.

Anyway, the dentist did X-rays on Tuesday which showed nothing amiss.

The doctor, however, put me onto antibiotics. Which they don’t do as a matter of course, these days, so I’m relieved she did.

After two days of same, plus 2 x 30/500 Co-codamol four times a day, the pain has eased fractionally and I am starting to feel less like a limp rag and more like a human being. I can actually drink without a straw (to direct the water away from the pain), but only room temperature drinks. I can eat a little, as long as there’s not too much chewing involved. Like for a baby who’s being weaned. Bananas, soups, soya pretend yoghurts, that sort of stuff. So definitely on the mend.

But blimey O’Reilly.

Knitting Mojo? ssssssh . . .

Possibly. Maybe. A bit.

Hubby would like a teacosy, as he has recently rediscovered leaf tea.

I have actually sorted out a pattern from Ravelry, edited and printed it.

I’ve found some suitable yarn in my stash (can’t really justify buying new yarn for a teacosy, although I’d like to . . .)

Just a question of actually casting on . . .

will keep you advised.

Happy New Year!

Small update.

Horrible two-week long virus involving very sore throat, cough, sinusitis and feeling awful finally gone. Now in M.E. type exhaustion and sleeping practically all the time. Improving.

Christmas Day was lovely. Went to YD, having fetched Mother, and YD’s brother-in-law and young family were there. Food was excellent, had a delightful time and all four children were just sweet.

Brighton and Southampton, where we went on 27th to visit family, were also a delight. Weather was surprisingly mild and sunny.


No knitting mojo at all. None. Nope.

Had various plans for this week – bit of baking, into Solihull for a bit of voucher-spending, library books back, charity shop – not happening. Not this week anyway.

Have decided not to beat myself up for being tired. Just roll with it and sleep a lot.

Ooh. Also. Started a new thing. Am only allowing myself the recommended daily allowance of sugar. 30 gms. Sounds a lot, but I discovered I was getting through at least twice that amount. I’m still able to have chocolate, but a fraction of what I was eating! Feels ok so far. Day four today.