A Bit Overwhelmed

Slightly fraught at the moment.

The tooth which has been hurting, a lot, since December, was extracted today. I currently have no feeling in one half of my face, but that means there’s no pain at the moment. So that’s good then.

I went to the funeral last week for my ex-husband’s mother. Sad but nice at the same time. She was 99.

There is a possibility that one of my favourite people may be moving a very long way away. As far away as one can get, in fact.

One of the most difficult relationships in my life has just got much worse, partly because the other party screamed (yes, screamed) at me the other day. I didn’t scream back though. But am not happy.

My blood pressure is a bit odd at the moment. Unsurprisingly, I guess.

But I’m sure it will all turn out ok in the end. I have no brain space for anything else at all.

And the garden is lovely. The weather is lovely. Hubby is lovely. And my French friends are coming over and we will see them this weekend.

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