Almost September

It was just starting to rain today when I took this photo. Every year it cheers me up. A bright yellow flower on a dull grey British day. The garden is lush and green, but the sky is grey and cloudy. It’s just such a jolly colour.


Then I noticed this.

Yesterday we celebrated Oldest Grandson’s 18th birthday. On a boat trip in Bristol. It was really lovely. A blended, extended, complicated family, with various children and exes. It was excellent. We all like each other and have fun together.

Had a sort out of my knitting. First of all in my head, last night, and then in real life, today. When I’ve finished my current project, which is a Bonbon bunny, I’m going to knit another toy (a gift so no details). Then I’m going to see how I feel. I’ve ordered some Knitpick Comfy Worsted from the States (75% cotton, 25% acrylic, which is impossible to get in the UK – why??) so am quite excited about that. It’s for a shawlette for me. Me! Hooray!

I’ve contacted several teddy bear repairers, but no joy so far. They haven’t all replied, but one said he wouldn’t know where to start (oh great), another one says their books are full until next summer, and the third said it would take many hours, cost a lot of money, and then she’d still be fragile and have lots of scars. She (the teddy bear in question) is currently having a rest in a box. Will see what happens.

The end of the story about my mobile phone: got the Motorola back, fixed, but it wouldn’t recognise the SIM card. I’d kept hold of the SIM card and the micro SD card while they repaired it. Got a new SIM off Virgin, still no joy. Eventually gave in and just bought a new phone. Samsung Galaxy A10, since you ask. It’s fine. But after two weeks it suddenly stopped accessing our wifi network. Sigh. I did lots of googling, as per usual, and eventually what fixed it was fiddling about with the security settings on the router. And now it works.

Guidelines for Life

  1. Always wear comfortable clothes, including (especially) shoes. Even for a party.
  2. Ignore the siren call of “dairy free” signs on cakes in cafes. Particularly at motorway services. The result of buying and eating one: they’re always stale, dry and tasteless, so there’s guilt for spending the money, guilt for eating it and guilt for eating and not enjoying it.
  3. Do not beat yourself (myself) up for being ill. That’s just insane. But I still do it.
  4. And a new one which has recently become clear to me. Never, ever buy handbags on the internet. It’s always, always a disaster. There’s a whole science attached to buying a handbag. Colour. Style. Does it suit me? is it comfortable to wear? is it big enough? Does it call to me? and so on.

That’s it.


Not such a good day

I have slept almost all day today. Woke at 10.40, had breakfast, back to bed at 11.30. Slept till 16.45. Oh. My. Days.

But you know what? it’s ok. I clearly needed it. Not feeling quite so low as I was last night, and have made a few plans re the teddy bear renovation.

First up, she’s very old, and in a very bad state. I read the Dorling Kindersley Little Book of Bears, which has clarified what a big job it would be, and I’d hate to ruin her. So I’m going to take some photos of her tomorrow which show how decrepit she is, and email them to a number of bear repairers for quotes.

Then I guess I’ll need to start saving my pennies. Mm.

New project

My knitting mojo has got up and gone. I’m sure it’ll be back at some point. Luckily I don’t have lots of knitting to do for Christmas (have done most of it anyway and have alternatives for stuff I haven’t done).

I watched a programme called The Repair Shop on BBC2 last night, by chance. It was absolutely lovely. One of the things that was repaired was a very old teddy bear. The process was really interesting, and I thought about getting my ancient bear repaired. Her name is Edwina Sarah Catherine Bear, and she is almost as old as me (64).  Checked out various sites, and it is certainly possible, if expensive. Then I went to the osteopath today and she suggested I could actually have a go myself.

Well, yes, I could, I thought. I found the episode online, watched the relevant bits, made myself a list of supplies and the order in which to do things, and before I go any further, have ordered a book which should help me on my way. (£2.99, so worth it!). Already decided to use elbow patches for the paws and possibly even the ears, which are in rags. We shall see. I must have some fabric somewhere in my stash which would be good for lining her. But I need more information – what sort of darning thread to use, whether it’s possible even to darn her as much as she needs, how to deal with the joints (oh yes, she’s jointed).

As you can see, she is very well loved, and over the years I have patched her up inexpertly. She seems to be stuffed with very small bits of foam and some straw too. I took the growler out years ago, and have decided probably not to bother with another one.

Anyway, we shall see.