Guidelines for Life

  1. Always wear comfortable clothes, including (especially) shoes. Even for a party.
  2. Ignore the siren call of “dairy free” signs on cakes in cafes. Particularly at motorway services. The result of buying and eating one: they’re always stale, dry and tasteless, so there’s guilt for spending the money, guilt for eating it and guilt for eating and not enjoying it.
  3. Do not beat yourself (myself) up for being ill. That’s just insane. But I still do it.
  4. And a new one which has recently become clear to me. Never, ever buy handbags on the internet. It’s always, always a disaster. There’s a whole science attached to buying a handbag. Colour. Style. Does it suit me? is it comfortable to wear? is it big enough? Does it call to me? and so on.

That’s it.


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