It’s all kicking off

Well now. Not sure where to start, really. I guess the biggest thing is that the Aged Mother (87) is actually in hospital now, not at all well, but insisting she’s FINE. Of course she is. Not. Further updates as they arrive. We’re visiting her tomorrow.

I’ve had cortisone injections into two of my knuckles on my right hand. The procedure was almost painless and I now have no pain or swelling there. No pain. No swelling. That’s amazing for me. I saw an orthopaedic consultant six years ago, and he said he wouldn’t replace the joints just yet. Right. Ok. So I saw a different orthopaedic consultant six weeks ago, and he said oh yes, steroid injections, that should help. And it has.

Knitting has recommenced but only in short bursts. It feels so nice though to be able to knit again. Although it had been so long that I accidentally joined the jacket I’m knitting in the round and had to undo a row. Sigh. But it’s all fine now.

Also have decided to have a go at making my own baubles for the Christmas tree with polystyrene balls, fabric and ribbon. One of the knitting group made a fabulous one at a workshop and it’s really, really lovely. So I looked on YouTube, found a couple of excellent tutorials, will take what I need from both, and just need to get some fabric and ribbon. Ordered the polystyrene balls from ebay. Yeah. Photos if they work out ok.

YD is having an excellent time in NZ. Lovely photos and videos. It’s their spring/summer time so plenty of the beach and the sea. Mm.

Finished Christmas present buying. I keep a spreadsheet so I know who’s getting what, and who got what over the past several years. Yeah, I know. Don’t care.


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