Flu jab – done.

Mammogram – done and results received (clear).

Knitting project – discovered I had knitted the back of a jumper for a nearly-6-year-old in the next size up. It was massive. It meant I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish it. I searched online and nobody else has any left over of this yarn. The maker has stopped making it in this particular colour. So I undid it all and have started again. Sigh.

Shopping delivered this morning – unpacked, wiped and put away. Hubby and I do that together.

Scandi-noir series DNA – finished last night. Yeah. Not clear while watching about time frames – is this now? is this years ago? but overnight have sorted it out in my head. I think.

Ignoring Trump-Giuliani-tantrum – mostly.

Posted a birthday present for end of November. Fortunately, it’s not the jumper I’ve messed up!

Tried out new John Lewis jeans – so comfortable I’ve ordered another pair.

That’s quite a lot really, in my head.


3 thoughts on “Achievements.

  1. I consider a clear mammogram a win! I also had a clear mammogram this year, and in a normal year I’d be complaining about the boob squish, but this year I was elated for the clear results. It felt like a big win for 2020. I need to get my flu jab. My news is filtered by NPR so I didn’t have to see the Trump-Giuliani meltdown. Sorry about the sweater. Been there.

  2. Yes, they damn well hurt, don’t they. Will investigate NPR. And the jumper – I discovered after I’d knitted half the new back that I’d dropped a stitch right near the bottom. So I frogged the damn thing back to the dropped stitch and am knitting back up again. 🙄.

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