Well, we watched The Interview, of course. Dynamite. Oprah was so good. I was surprised that Meghan didn’t do any research, despite what happened with Harry’s mother. I do get that our “Royals” are not such a big deal abroad, but the sad story of Lady Di I would have though was of global interest. Also surprised that Harry didn’t mention she’d need to curtsey 🙄 to his gran until approximately 2 minutes before she had to! For goodness’ sake. But oh, what a toxic “institution”. The press here are just so racist and spiteful. To wit, the wildly different ways in which Kate and Meghan were portrayed eating avocado toast (Kate praised to the skies for being healthy, Meghan destroyed for causing climate change). To be honest I wasn’t much surprised by most of it, except the press “parties”. Held at the palace! how blatant is that! Poor Meghan and poor Harry (though why he is miffed they stopped paying him is a mystery to me. If you leave a job, they don’t pay you any more!). But the suffering they both went through, without any support, is absolutely appalling. And don’t get me started on Piers Morgan. And I am no royalist. I would much rather we had a republic. Not that I’m a Republican in terms of the USA. Not at all.

I’m feeling better. Since, I’d say, last Sunday really. More energy – though I’ve had to sleep all morning, having tried to stay awake after breakfast and failed. The garden is lovely. The sun is not out today, but was for the last two days, so I went for a ten minute walk on Monday and Tuesday. That might account for the fatigue this morning. Yesterday I defrosted the small freezer, made a delicious chocolate cake (dairy free of course) and repotted a desperate house plant. Oh. Also might account for the fatigue this morning.

The yoghurt maker is going. It’s possible that my niece may have it, she’s pondering at the moment. If she doesn’t, I will Freecycle it.

Have started a crochet blanket in basic granny squares. I have a selection of double knitting cotton yarn in various colours (from – love their stuff, even though the postage is expensive), so am doing squares, rather than all in one big square, to make it easier and more fun to sort out the colour scheme when it’s done. No rush. A square or two a day is fine. Even though it’s the most basic of crochet techniques, I still can’t watch TV and do it, like I can with some of my knitting. The finished squares (well, not blocked yet) are actually a lovely lilac, but you can’t tell from the photo. I’ve ordered some more yarn, enough to do two more squares and a border, in dark navy. It’ll make a blanket 4 x 5 squares of 6 3/4″ each, so small but useful in the winter evenings. Or even the summer ones, here in the UK.

Loving the Freecycle system. It’s called Freegle where I live. It shut down during lockdown, but started up again yesterday. I had four boxes of books and dvds to give away, which I advertised just before lockdown. The person who wanted them agreed to wait till now, and came last night to take them away! our study looks So Much Tidier. And she brought me several little tiny pots with a sort of dried pellet of compost and some seeds in. Parsley, carrots and peppers. Am going to investigate. Exciting.

5 thoughts on “Better.

  1. I understood Meghan and Harry had simply cut back on their duties as senior royals. He clearly stated they wanted to work for the Firm. I’d want to cut back too in the face of death threats, racism and downright hatred. It’s a blessing that they have each other.

    I do like those colors. And who can go wrong with granny squares? Please give progress reports. Inspiration is sorely needed.

    Be well.

    • Oh I misunderstood! I thought they’d given up being royal altogether. Ho hum. Fair enough, then, Harry. I did think the queen came out of it ok though, sounds like she was lovely to Meghan.

      • Your Prince Andrew was protected after the sex scandal with underage girls here in America. You all still support him financially while he does nothing to earn his keep. Trump’s progeny were
        protected, and still are. Our tax dollars pay for his and their security. The elite are a parasites.

        Your queen has no real power but she should still have influence over her own children. People who cannot rule themselves cannot rule others. I watched Elizabeth’s husband ask Africans if they still “chucked spears, etc.” in a documentary that still airs here on PBS. While we might not all be racist, we are most definitely tribal.

        I enjoy your posts. You seem like a lovely person.

  2. I love and used Freecycle a lot. Sadly, as far as I know, it’s still blocked here in London (must go and check if anything has changed since).
    I didn’t watch the interview, apparently it was a thing. I’ll have to see at some point 🙂
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Absolutely. Andrew is a lying, arrogant bully. The queen sacked him from front line duties immediately after his car-crash of an interview. But yes, our tax supports him and his family. Grr. Philip is horrible, racist and thoughtless.
    The elite are definitely parasites. Yes!
    Tribal, yes. But we try to overcome that . . . maybe football is updated tribal wars, without quite so much bloodshed?

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