Always makes me feel better. I even managed to stay out of bed until now, and have also been for a very short walk. Excellent.

The difference between the days when I feel like this, compared to the bad days, is stark. It’s hard to know whether it’s the M.E./CFS, or the remains of the virus from last week, or what. But I am just sleeping when I need to, and that seems to work.

The sycophantic, over-the-top, repetitive coverage the BBC has provided on Philip is just too much. He was 99 years old! brave, strong, difficult, racist and totally lacking in empathy, but that’s about it really. I expect Liz is sad though, she really liked him. I spent some time amusing myself by allotting a nickname to each Royal, in the vein of Ethelred the Unready, or Edward the Confessor, or Charles the Bold (or was it Bald?). I don’t think I’ll share them with you though. Don’t want to get into trouble for insulting the Royals. 🙄 But we are republicans in this house (in the British sense!) and would like to elect our leaders, instead of this heredity nonsense.

Have undone all my knitting. I’d gone off the scarf I was doing in mistake rib, it hurts to knit, and I went off the colours too. Instead I’ve crocheted a tea-infuser cosy for hubby, which he seems to like, and then had to not do any handicrafts for a few days. Today I’ve had a first go at latch-hooking. I can’t believe how long it took me to get the hang of it. The tremor doesn’t help, nor does the stupid brain. Finally, after watching a YouTube video, I twigged. Not something I can do without concentrating though. Yeah.

Line of Duty (BBC TV series about an anti-corruption police department) is absolutely gripping. Love it. No spoilers though.

We also finished watching Season 5 of Better Call Saul. Oh. My. Days. Can’t wait for Season 6. Then of course we’ll need to watch Breaking Bad again.

And now it’s bed time. Siesta every day. Reading a Stella Rimmington book – she’s very good.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Better Call Saul used to be my favorite guilty pleasure until a season hiatus, and I lost interest. We dropped Direct TV soon after, and I moved on. Poor Saul just could not seem to do the right thing. The actor has a new show with teasers all over the place. Not sure I’ll watch though. Writing isn’t as good as it used to be, pretty much across the board. I rarely invest time in following empty offerings. Most often, rewatching a good series is better.

    I hope you are better as soon as the laws that govern us allow. Last night I caught a rather odd Sherlock offer a bit of advice to a young’un regarding pain and suffering: “Joy and suffering dance together long into the night.” I will share this reminder with my sister, who is especially miserable since learning that our aunt, who is ill and suffering so deeply it affects everyone around her. It is a reminder for the two of us as well. We were both diagnosed with CFS decades ago, and there are other health chickens that have come home to roost.

    The Queen’s consort has never been someone I admired. Not that it matters since I am an American, but I have old friends who are British, so how can I not be aware of him? Besides, the majority of America’s “founding fellows” were British too. So it only stands to reason that news from across the way reaches our shores too. The consort never struck me as being more intelligent than he needed to be but if Elizabeth loved him then all is well. I forgive his racist nature.

    Take extra good care of yourself. Be well.

    • Hello fellow knitter/baker/CFS sufferer! You are kind to forgive Racist Philip – he should know better. Loving your blog. We watch BCS on Netflix, which we are new to (always late to the party . .) What is Bob Odenkirk’s new series? he’s made a film recently . . .

      • Aw, gee, thank you. I decided to follow you because you’re a knowledgable knitter. I have since learned you’re much more. Philip was barely a blip on my radar but he offended me almost every time I gave him the chance to. LOL.

        About BCS? Better late than never, eh? I’m guilty of the same and it’s okay. I thought Odenkirk’s latest project was a new show! It’s a film, huh? Thanks for setting me straight. Thanks for following Come July! You’re a gem.

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