6 thoughts on “Flowers 🌷

  1. Interestingly, all the roses are on the same bush. It just depends on what stage they’re at. The more they open, the paler they become, and eventually pale pink spots appear. I love it. It was a present for my 60th birthday from my sister, and after 6 years is still going strong.

  2. Glory be! You have quite the green thumb. I have a single bush that presents me with white roses up into December . They look like ghost fists among the jasmine at night. I cut everything back after the Deep Freeze, yet the rewards look promising. The heavenly scent of jasmine overpowers the roses so I cut one or two for a vase and am satisfied.

    What’s the second plant? Your patio has to be a delightful place to relax in. I enjoy ours even in 89 degree temps.

    I wonder why fig trees don’t flower. Ours smells delicious all year, offering palm size fruit. I invite my neighbor over after they ripen and she eats them unwashed. LOL. I read that the wood is great for barbecues.

      • Indeed they do. Like the starbursts that light up the sky now. We’ll have nightly displays until after the 4th. Fireworks are forbidden in our community but the rule is not enforced. Our HOA keeps sending e-mails to remind us, but the people who set then off do not receive the e-mails. The majority are not homeowners. At least two homes have burned after the roof caught fire. Our yard is always littered with debris after holidays. It’s scary.

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