No other way to describe our current PM & Chancellor. What on earth do they think they are doing? apart from making very rich people even richer, of course. They refused to publish a fiscal forecast – hmm, wonder why? and now they’ve been severely scolded by the IMF and summoned to a meeting of the Budget watchdog (whoever they may be). Unprecedented. For goodness’ sake. Grrrr.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Mandy, I did my ironing yesterday. Also, today, dismantled and cleaned out the bathroom cupboard above the basin. Last week I reorganised and cleaned out the cupboard above the loo, which has made it much easier for me to reach the things I need to reach. Then, today, I finished changing my wardrobe from summer to winter. It doesn’t involve much, to be honest, just moving all the summer clothes into the spare room and putting plastic clothes protector thingies on them all. I’ve decided which autumn/winter clothes I hate, and are therefore going to the charity shop.

So domestically I am a goddess. Bit sweaty, mind, and need a shower, but that’ll have to wait until hubby has been through his stuff and put it all back in his side of the cupboard. He’s currently doing something technical with the car and its tyres.

Also working up to making an apple cake (a Nadiya recipe). I have all the ingredients, just need to wait until hubby has finished his chocolate cake from the Co-op, and for the energy to manifest itself. Yeah.

Ordered some plants – white bergenia, aconite bulbs, ajuga (bugle plant) and some white cyclamen. Can’t wait. The gardener has pulled back loads of ivy so now there’s room for such things.

Ok. Off to sort out the on-line grocery shopping list.

5 thoughts on “Omnishambles/Clusterf*ck

  1. Well you’re certainly getting ready for the winter. The apple cake sounds delish. What I’ve read about your new PM brings out the what the heck is she doing thoughts. Whilst watching the TV coverage of your Queen’s funeral and associated activities any shot of the PM revealed “deer in the headlights” facial expression. She looked scared to death…

    • She is deeply, deeply odd. Absolutely terrifyingly ignorant, and a dreadful public speaker. No idea how to run a country. She seems to gather a few “buzz words” and put them together in a sort of jumble. But out of the sh*t shower they had to choose from, she wasn’t actually the worst. I’m guessing Dishy (?) Rishi *might* have made a better job of it, but in a deeply racist country, a stupid white woman counts as marginally better than a clever brown man. God I’m so angry.

  2. Seems we’re all preparing our nests for the season. I rearranged the room I seem to live in. It’s not the kitchen, although it feels that way lately. I should stick to my studio but the view from this window is better and there’s no traffic or annoying humans to ruin the ambience. πŸ™‚

    Thank goodness we don’t have to do much wardrobe changing here. Our winters are rather warm since we are so close to the Gulf of Mexico but I love real winter weather. My happiest winters (eight) were in Colorado. I didn’t even mind the blizzards. I cannot forget the recent deep freeze we staggered through recently; people died because there was no heat. The electric grid failed but people are still clamoring for all electric homes and cars. We survived because we have a gas stove and gas fireplace.

    The world seems to be tilting to the right now. I wonder what could be so wrong with a “middle.” There are days when the left and the right make me wonder about humanity. Can we all be so angry, hateful, selfish and intolerant? I don’t mean we must all bend over backwards, trying to be politically correct and accepting of everything. It’s okay to disagree too. πŸ™‚

    Be well.

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