Oldest son and his wife came up to stay with us last week. On the Friday they took us out for a meal, and we did know youngest son and his two offspring would be there. We were first to arrive, and they said Oh yes, table for 11. I thought Hmm, wonder if the Irish contingent are going to appear. And they did! middle son, wife and little boy! what a lovely evening!

I discovered last night when I got ready for bed I had been wearing non-matching earrings all day. Nobody said anything. I guess nobody noticed . . . once when I was still working I had two pairs of shoes exactly the same, one pair in navy blue, the other pair in black, and of course one day I ended up wearing one of each – again, nobody noticed! thank goodness, I would have really taken some stick (been teased) had anybody realised . . . .

And today everybody has gone back to their various homes.

At the end of this coming week Older Daughter is coming up with hubby and son. Excellent. It’s so lovely to see the family.

3 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I have committed the shoe faux pas before but one shoe was black and the other was green. The mister wore his shirt inside out twice. The first time was while shopping for food. He didn’t discover it the second time until after he’d started his shift. LOL.

    Such a sweet grand. 🙂

    You still rock that do!

  2. What a lovely visit! I sometimes wear a square (faux) diamond stud earring with a round (faux) diamond stud earring. It bothers me, but I try to think of it as a quirky style decision.

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