A bit sad.

We had to have our little cat euthanised last week. Two days after being diagnosed with a fast-growing tumour, she was so ill we couldn’t bear to see her suffer any more. We stayed with her and I stroked her while she slipped away.

Heartbreaking, and the first time I have needed to do that, because although I have had cats all my life, this has never happened before. At least, apart from when I was 12 and just not up to staying with my cat Penny while she was put to sleep. I went upstairs then and sobbed my heart out.

Bertie was 13, so not a young cat, but not old either. We both keep expecting to see/hear her. I expect that will pass, but it’s still a small jolt of sadness every time.

3 thoughts on “A bit sad.

  1. I am sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful cat. Is there a kitten in your near future?

    Our Minuet has been lethargic and not interested in anything. She wasn’t eating so I bought her a different brand of cat food, added some olive oil and topped off her water dish with bottled water. Am happy to report her recovery was almost immediate. She refuses to play with the new cat toy–not that I blame her–but she came to have a chat with me at least four times before bed. I just know she was thanking me for the TLC and the full body brushing.

  2. There are unlikely to be any new kittens or cats in the foreseeable future – I’ve always had a cat but hubby worries so much it’s a double-edged sword for him. I’m so pleased your little one has improved though – new toys always took Bertie a long time to adopt!

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