January 2023

Well, I’ve been meaning to blog for ages now but haven’t quite garnered the energy. So here we are.

I’ve just finished reading “Spare” by Harry (you know which Harry, don’t you!) It was emotional, raw, honest, and shocking. Here’s the review I’ve written (but Amazon haven’t posted yet . . )

  • This book is a must-read. Harry mostly seems hyper-aware of his unearned privilege, except when he talks about how wonderful it was to shoot game birds . . . I think it is a good thing that he has talked about his family, so hide-bound by their own stupid, cruel rules. The Queen comes out of this best, I think, but even she is not as powerful as we would like to think. He sounds happiest when on active duty in the army until he meets Meghan. The appalling behaviour of the British press is called out here, regularly. And so the poisonous, sneering, disdainful reaction of this press to this book is to be expected, but really, really not believed. If you are thinking about buying this book, but hesitate because of the press reviews, don’t hesitate. Buy it. Borrow it. Read it somehow.

Harry has been gaslit. Is still being gaslit. All the privilege and wealth in the world does not make a person happy, if a vindictive, racist, spiteful group of journalists insist on making your life hell. The paparazzi are a nightmare, just as they were for his mother. And then of course the Palace ignore it, pretend it isn’t happening, and deny anything that would make them complicit.

So there we are. Little rant over. For now anyway.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but have picked up my knitting again, just for a few rows every day, sometimes more than once. 20 minutes seems to be enough. Feels nice though.

Also brushing up on my fairly rough and ready Spanish – via Duolingo. It’s very good. Ten minutes a day is making quite a difference. When I’m feeling more confident in Spanish, I’ll have a go at my Italian (which is better than my Spanish, but needs refreshing). I was so lucky to learn Latin at school, and loved it. Did it to A level, along with French. Then at college I did Spanish to O level in 9 months, then when I retired I took up Italian and did that to A level equivalent (ONC 3) in a couple of years. It felt like a domino fall in my head, what with Latin, French, and Spanish. One of my grandsons asked me if I still remember any French or Latin from school. Well, it was 50 years ago, but the answer was “Yes!”

Well, Vodafone is up and running. The only snag, and it’s a fairly small one, is that voicemail isn’t working. We can (and I have) set up voicemail on our home phone, and will have to manage with that I guess. But it doesn’t work when the phone is unplugged. Vodafone seem to think that it is working, so I shall pester them about once a week until they sort it out. Fortunately, it’s free of charge, or else I’d be much crosser. And to be honest, hardly anybody ever uses our landline. But just occasionally, somebody does.

Meanwhile, on Planet Computer, I’ve had to re-arrange our backing up system. It’s too boring (except for computer nerds like me) but I think it should work better now, without the need to buy further (expensive) hard drives. Two NAS drives, three USB external hard drives, and there’s another one of those attached to hubby’s computer. Not pretty, but very useful. I’m horrified at how dusty they are!

The shopping has just been delivered, and hubby is harrumphing about the quality, or lack of quality, of the fresh vegetables. My next job is to see if Marks and Spencers will deliver. And so that is what I will do now.

5 thoughts on “January 2023

  1. Glad you’ve picked up the knitting. You and I have quite a lot in common, other than reading about Harry! I was a linguist. I taught French and German for many years but French and Italian are my main languages and I have a gcse in Spanish 🤣

  2. We do, don’t we! I tried to learn German but failed. I know a couple of words, but that’s all. I’m better at French than the others, and Italian is my favourite. Spanish has been very useful on holiday and, occasionally, watching tv too. Learning a language is supposed to help stave off the inevitable loss of brain power, and I do crosswords, Wordle, and various other stuff to try and repair the ravages of time.

  3. Good to read you on your blog again. I don’t know enough about Harry and Meghan to have much of an opinion, but I will think about reading the book. I’m not surprised by what you’ve written here. Glad you are knitting. I’ve been sick this week but need to get back to it. I used to be almost fluent in French, and have lost a lot of it over the last 35 years. I tried Duolingo but found it frustrating that it kept starting me over way below my skill level. I’ve moved on to Babbel, and prefer it, but I’m horrible at practicing.

  4. Duolingo – I was just saying to hubby how well I’m getting on with the Spanish. But of course it could well be it’s just too easy for me! I will carry on though and see if it gets harder. Might try Babbel anyway. I should add that I am no royalist, and I really hope that the monarchy is abolished sooner rather than later, but nevertheless Harry and Meghan are human beings and deserve better. I hope your health is improving x

  5. PS: Vodafone can’t do voicemail on our landline because we’re on full fibre. It would have been very helpful if they had told me that in the beginning rather than waiting till my fourth, slightly testy, contact.

    Amazon won’t publish my review – “inappropriate content”. Surprise surprise.

    And Marks and Spencer use Ocado for delivery, so we’re going to give that a try .

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