Feb update

Well, I hardly dare even type this, but it does seem as if our new system for getting Netflix on the tv working with the hifi is successful – three times now. I’m not going to explain it, partly because it’s boring, partly because I’m worried that explaining it will break it, or at least stop it working. I have, however, made a note in one of my many little notebooks, otherwise we’ll just forget what to do.

Took some photos in the garden today – very excited about the winter aconite! and planning new plants for when the weather is a little kinder.

The one with all the stones has a story attached. We have a few of the neighbourhood cats come into our garden, and one of them uses the area around the bergenias as a toilet. I have no problem with that, but I do mind that she’s digging up the plants! or at least, digging quite deeply around them. So I have protected them with said stones. We shall see what she makes of that. They’re quite heavy, so I don’t think she’ll be able to move them. Hmm.

2 thoughts on “Feb update

  1. Such beauties! Just googled “Do snowdrops grow in Texas?” I should have asked if they grow along the Gulf Coast. What I wouldn’t give . . . I love your garden choices.

    I imagine iconite has been used countless times in murder mysteries. LOL.

    You really don’t mind cats using your garden for a litter box? I would. They poop in veg gardens too. It’s disgusting. We use wooden kitchen skewers to deter them.

    Ah! Berginias. Another new-to-me lovely. Admiring your variety even more. Thanks for teaching me.

    Be well.

  2. Ha ha! Yeah, if I grew veg I’d definitely discourage the cats! The particular cat who has been using the soil near the bergenias is very interested in/disconcerted by the large stones I’ve put around them! excellent.

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