I am an avid reader. One of my favourite things (apart from chocolate, obviously) is having a whole load of books to read. I read on my Kindle now as it’s easier on my hands than a heavy tome.

Just re-read all the Harry Potter books. Love these. It feels like being with old friends, and it’s sad when I’m finished. Then I re-read Lord of the Rings. A marathon task, but I do love it.

There are some similarities between the two stories. Both have “Dark Lords” whose name must not be mentioned. The Ringwraiths in LotR are very like the Dementors in HP. Both authors write about the natural world as “good” and industry/mechanical things as “not so good”. And in both, friendship and trust are the most important thing.


2 thoughts on “Books!

  1. I have difficulties that need addressing when it comes to reading Apple Books on my iPad instead of actual books. It’s the light and dry eyes from not blinking. Or so I’ve been told. I feel you when it comes to tomes. I try to read them only when I can sit at my desk, thereby saving my wrists, shoulders and back.

    Reading on the patio is one of the best things ever except for the mosquitoes. The patio a great place to read but not on the iPad; the moving shadows cast by the willow make it a challenge but the umbrella is a god-send. Then the birds always seem to want to hang out overhead though; their songs are major distractions because I always close my eyes and listen–forgetting to read for long spells. I even fell asleep once.

    Although I have at least one or two Harry Potter books, I have not read either one. I devoured Tolkien’s. Could not get enough although I cannot see reading them again. But never say never, right? I’ll read HP when the time is right.

  2. Kindle is kind to the eyes, and has a “bedtime” mode which changes the light colour. Worth a try maybe.

    Harry Potter books 1 & 2 are clearly for children. Books 3 onwards become much darker, and there’s plenty in there for the grown ups, although children wouldn’t guess.

    Your patio sounds absolutely wonderful. Paradise, in fact.

    Our new cat-repeller (motion sensor, solar powered, makes a noise only animals can hear) is working a treat. The neighbourhood cats stop when they see the light, then it starts clicking and they run off really quickly. Excellent. I’m thinking of getting one for the front garden, to stop the foxes doing their smelly poop on my flower beds. I don’t actually want to harm the animals, just move their business elsewhere. Somewhere wild.

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