Mainly Knitting

Finished hubby’s top today. It took ten days, which is absolutely amazing, until you realise it was chunky/bulky yarn, on big needles. He’s very pleased indeed, and so am I. I sewed it up at the Sip & Stitch today, to general acclaim.Image

Next up – Sweet Georgia yarn, wound off skeins into cakes, and ready to knit. Red one first, and this is what I’m going to do with it. I’ll cast on tonight. I’m very, very excited. The yarn is absolutely beautiful, really saturated with colour, and very, very soft.

The red yarn is called “Tough Love Sock” but is much too nice to knit socks with. The actual colour is much more of a deep red than the pink in the photo.


The turquoise is called CashLuxe Fine and is even nicer. This is what I’m planning to knit with that. It’s also much more turquoise than the blue it looks like.


But after the “Glam Shells” I’m going to knit a pair of socks for hubby and see how that goes. Lots of projects in my head, lots of ideas, lots of lovely yarn in my stash.

The weather is much cooler now, although still sunny. There’s an autumnal feel to the air. I love autumn, it’s always been my favourite season. I need to do some gardening soon – planting daffodils and annual poppies, digging up the aquilegias which have gone absolutely bonkers, but will wait until I have a bit more energy, the daffodil bulbs, and the time.