February! goodness

Hi people.

I’ve been a little preoccupied what with one thing and another. But YD finally had her baby, whom I shall call ESW (initals), in the middle of January, 10 days late, and had a very difficult time indeed. ESW is now three weeks old and had her tongue-tie snipped yesterday, which has made life much easier for YD, her hubby, and most of all for ESW. Let’s hope it just all settles down now and they can enjoy, instead of enjoying and worrying about, their beautiful little girl.

Knitting has continued apace as you can see from the photos. And even a little sewing, for LCS (14 month old grandson). He loved it. I’m going to make another clown cushion and keep it at home so children who come to see me (I have a little friend called Henry, for example) can play with it.

Guitar playing – not so much. It’s been a year, I’ve tried two different guitars (classical and plain acoustic) and a ukulele, and it’s just not working for me. I thought a ukulele would be easier to handle, but it’s a pain. Under the boob? above the boob? right on top of the boob? nah, just got to the stage where all three are just sitting staring at me balefully. I’m going to hang on to the Fender acoustic and try to get rid of the other two.

We are in the process of getting quotes for refurbishing our kitchen (cabinet doors and worktops only) and it’s all quite exciting. Today I went to a kitchen showroom. By myself. Not the best plan I’ve ever had really. My inner wimp appeared. I spent approximately 45 seconds in there, wandering around aimlessly, feeling really stupid and as if I were 12 years old again, lumpy, adolescent and awkward, so I came home. There really wasn’t any need to go, because we’ve requested samples of the sort of thing we want anyway.

So I wrote to my lovely French penfriend instead. That’s an hour’s job, because I write in French, then translate into English, and correct her English letter to me. Hardly any corrections this time though, at all. (Bravo, Réjane!)

It’s “Time to Talk” day today – is that global? or just in the UK? anyway, on my facebook “on this day” there was my post from last year. (not sure this will be available if you’re not on facebook!) Still makes me feel a bit wobbly, to be honest. Now I’m on the maximum dose of Paroxetine, having tried to go back down to the 40mg a day dose, but need the 50 to be stable. And I need to be stable.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to have the energy to start re-organising the craft room. The lids on the boxes I got from ebay are starting to split. So I’m going to dump the broken lids, keep all the boxes and unbroken lids, and we’ve been to IKEA and bought a load of Samla boxes, some inserts, and all the lids. Am very nerdily excited about it! I’ll post photos when it’s done, just because I can.

And oh god my computer. Last Sunday it started behaving very oddly indeed. The mouse stopped working. Eventually I twigged that none of the USB ports were working. I reinstalled Windows 10 three times, to no avail. Luckily I was able to find a very old fashioned mouse with a PS2 (small, round) connector – with a ball in it! Haven’t seen a mouse with a ball (so to speak) for years! but I had one so was able to use that and installed Linux Ubuntu 14.04.3. All working really well now. How frustrating it was though. I realised it was the Windows drivers when I went into the BIOS (Setup), and a USB stick was recognised in there.

So I’ve needed to re-think my strategy on certain things, for example cloud storage. After much searching and testing, I’ve settled on MEGA which allows you 50Gb free storage. Yep, 50Gb. And it was simple to install on my computer and on my mobile phone. Just need to get it set up on my (Android) tablet now. I was using OneDrive (MS) but it just won’t work on Ubuntu. Dropbox you only get 2Gb free. And so on.

And it’s been such a long time since I posted. Mother’s knee which needed 19 stitches has healed well. Her shin is still bandaged up though. She’s going to meet ESW this weekend, YD + hubby are going over to see her, my sister who lives nearby, and at least one of my nieces. Lovely.


It’s been a while

I really didn’t think it would be so long between posts, but I’ve been a bit busy lately. I had a nasty cold, with a bad attack of sinusitis, which laid me low for several days. When that got better we were in the midst of replacing the carpet which was ruined by the flood just after Christmas. That involved hiring twenty large boxes and emptying our 14 bookcases into them. YD and her hubby did that for us. Then I needed to back everything up, disassemble the computer network and disconnect it all, and put it back together again afterwards. Much more compact now, fewer wires and fewer power plugs used. Phew. YD and her hubby had to unpack all the boxes for us, which they did. What a pair of troopers. Played a blinder. We could not have managed it, certainly not in the time frame. (We treated them to a couple of meals, one curry, one steak-type, as a thank you).

Next, when the study was all back together again, we needed to empty the utility room ready for the vinyl to replace the horrid carpet in there. Not such a big job, we managed it ourselves, and it looks absolutely wonderful now. We’ve managed with less storage space too, which is even better.

2015-03-09 18.14.42 2015-03-09 10.55.06 2015-03-09 10.54.39 2015-02-27 19.49.27 2015-02-27 19.49.16 2015-02-27 19.49.10 2015-02-27 11.03.19
















Trip to the tip soon, possibly tomorrow, and that should help. We’ve had major clear-outs. Also trip to the charity shop but we need to finish the book cull first.

The washing had been building up but at last can be done tomorrow. Sounds like a small thing but it looms large in my head. I actually managed to find space to do a bit of ironing today, and the sense of achievement was amazing!

The cat is a bit discombobulated but is recovering now. At one point she ran into the empty utility, stopped for a nano-second, and in that nano-second realised her food was still in the right place. “Panic over, food’s still there, stand down, troops”. Bless. Everything of hers is back in the same place now. She’s quite a quiet cat, not particularly affectionate, but in need of reassurance when things change.

I’ve been completely off the social radar for the last two weeks. This work totally took over my brain and I couldn’t think about anything else. No multi-tasking possible. But I’m hoping that’ll settle now. But am so tired I could cry.

Meanwhile the BluRay player isn’t working. Damn and blast. We were just looking forward to watching Breaking Bad again. Grr. Still, it’s under guarantee so should not be too much of a problem.

ED and baby are doing really well. Baby is growing apace and is just delightful. It’s a joy to see the family together, because ED’s partner is a wonderful father, as well as ED being a wonderful mother.



Been to meet new baby Logan. Delightful. Mother and father absolutely wonderful with him. Mother (ED) is a natural. Breastfeeding really well, loads of milk, very contented baby. Sleep deprived parents though 😦 but that’s normal with a new baby. It’s just so lovely to see such a happy new little family. Lucky, lucky baby. He has just the best start in life anybody could ask for.

ED is so brave, and so strong, and such a natural mother. She had a horrible time in hospital, but is playing that down. She’s never been in hospital before, ever. She’s healing well and looking fabulous. Logan’s Dad is wonderful with him. So natural and calm. Despite Logan yanking out a handful of chest hair immediately after birth! bless them both!

And I do love very small babies. They just smell so nice. They’re soft and warm and cute and like a little parcel, ready for cuddling. Logan has downy dark hair all over his legs! so smooshy. He has his mother’s family’s top lip! and his dad’s nose!

And here’s a couple of photos. Three, to be precise. I’m trying not to saturate the internet with baby photos! but he’s just so lovely.

2014-12-07 11.12.41 2014-12-07 10.56.122014-12-07 10.45.19

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The journey down to the south coast was excellent. Fine, sunny day, no traffic problems. We found our hotel no problems, checked in, then off to visit grandchild. Premier Inn – can recommend without hesitation. Excellent value. Lovely room, comfortable bed, really good. Dinner at Prezzo in Eastleigh, watched some AlJazeera news – very interesting, different perspective. Their weather forecast was a little odd though. Australasia and the Far East. Erm?

Fabulous breakfast, then back to visit grandchild again. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Lots of cuddles, like Saturday, with both me and Grandad. Never thought I’d see the day.

And today his other Grandad is going to visit. A baby can’t have too many people to love it, in my view. A happy, happy time for us all.

Good News

ED has had her baby. A boy, 7lbs 15 oz. Ten days late, brow presentation, emergency C section after doing well at home in the birthing pool. ED, partner and baby are all fine, but ED & partner are very, very tired. Of course.

Can’t wait to meet him. Soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finished the Christmas wreath this morning. Pleased with it. Am going to enter it into the local yarn shop’s (friendly) competition, and should get it back before we put up our decorations.

Knitted Christmas Wreath

Knitted Christmas Wreath

Feeling better, much better, health-wise. As soon as I stopped taking the vile doxycycline I felt normal again. Sleeping better, more energy, although still needing an afternoon nap. But that’s life!

Can’t stop smiling and singing to myself. As long as it’s silent, and in my head, I think it’s ok, but if I start singing out loud, the men in white coats might just visit . . . .

Went round to friends for a meal last night. It was excellent. Lovely food, very good company, really enjoyed it. Not hungry today at all. Have eaten a banana and a couple of cubes of chocolate. Might have some fruit and a soya pretend yoghurt for lunch.

Knitting mojo has returned. I have two projects on the go, which is not normal for me, but one is a Christmas present, and the other is a scarf for me, which can go on the back burner until I’ve finished the other one. Also thinking about raiding my stash for some soft baby type yarn . . .

That’s it, really.


Today, for the very first time, I met my great-nephew George. He is absolutely delightful. His mum, my beautiful niece (I have lots of beautiful nieces, this is my sister’s younger daughter), is radiant with motherhood. Fabulous company, a really good laugh, very sensible, and I just love her to bits. I love babies. I love new-borns, right up to toddlerhood. I also love children. It was the best morning I’ve had for a while. Image

My mother came too, and started talking about how Sarah and I had delivered our babies “properly”. Mum had to have a C section with me, and forceps for my sister. Somehow she has felt bad and sad and guilty about this all her life, and I think that’s awful. So I told her about Prof Dr Alice Roberts, who did a documentary about evolution. One of the things she said, and demonstrated with a skeleton, is that the reason human babies aren’t able to walk and stuff immediately after birth, like, say, horses, is because our brain pans, our skulls, are just too big. If pregnancy went on any longer than nine months, the baby’s head would just not fit through the pelvis. Birth is difficult and risky as it is, so we are evolved to give birth before our babies’ skulls get any bigger. As it is, we have a “soft spot”, the fontanelle,  at birth, so that the baby’s skull can fold over itself a small amount.

So there is no such thing, I told Mum, as giving birth “properly”. There’s no such thing as “failing”. If your baby is born, then you’ve succeeded.

I don’t know whether she’ll take any notice, but she tends to think about these things for a while and then decide.Image

Anyway. Sarah is beautiful, radiant, and a fabulous mother. George is delightful. Smiley, happy, peaceful, a little chunk of loveliness. A little package of honey-coloured boyness.Image