New project

My knitting mojo has got up and gone. I’m sure it’ll be back at some point. Luckily I don’t have lots of knitting to do for Christmas (have done most of it anyway and have alternatives for stuff I haven’t done).

I watched a programme called The Repair Shop on BBC2 last night, by chance. It was absolutely lovely. One of the things that was repaired was a very old teddy bear. The process was really interesting, and I thought about getting my ancient bear repaired. Her name is Edwina Sarah Catherine Bear, and she is almost as old as me (64).  Checked out various sites, and it is certainly possible, if expensive. Then I went to the osteopath today and she suggested I could actually have a go myself.

Well, yes, I could, I thought. I found the episode online, watched the relevant bits, made myself a list of supplies and the order in which to do things, and before I go any further, have ordered a book which should help me on my way. (£2.99, so worth it!). Already decided to use elbow patches for the paws and possibly even the ears, which are in rags. We shall see. I must have some fabric somewhere in my stash which would be good for lining her. But I need more information – what sort of darning thread to use, whether it’s possible even to darn her as much as she needs, how to deal with the joints (oh yes, she’s jointed).

As you can see, she is very well loved, and over the years I have patched her up inexpertly. She seems to be stuffed with very small bits of foam and some straw too. I took the growler out years ago, and have decided probably not to bother with another one.

Anyway, we shall see.

Lego Storage

Yup, Lego storage.  I bought a big tub of Lego from ebay years ago and it’s been great. However, for some reason or other, the various children who play with it like to tip it out on the carpet (fair enough), then take apart the tiny little people who are part of it. As a consequence, various mothers and I have spent a long time (and I mean a LONG time), trawling through hundreds of minute pieces of  Lego searching for, say, a hand, or a hat, or a head. Which are also minute.

So I heard somebody mention Lego storage and a little light bulb went on in my head. What a damn good idea, I thought. So I ordered two sets of the 0.3 litre size boxes, which come in sets of 16, with a sort of thing they stand in, and sorted all the bits and pieces into those. By shape. It was quite good fun to do, actually, and looked great when it was finished.

But here’s the thing. Quite a big thing, really. The children didn’t want to play with it any more.

So. Back to the drawing board. I measured the cupboard (IKEA Acrobat) and decided it would be ok for 8 x the 1.7 litre size boxes. Ordered those, and re-sorted the bits and pieces by COLOUR. Yup. Colour. Thank you Charlie for your inspiration!

So much easier. SO much easier. There are seven boxes sorted that way, and one box full of odds and ends – wheels, strange little tiny stick things, and a tiny box with the little people in (yep, they’re still being kept together .  .)

I even managed to fit in the Duplo (again from ebay) too, so it’s a win-win so far. And I could even fit another two 1.7 litre boxes in the cupboard, should it become necessary. Again, looks great.

Now I have 32 x 0.3 litre boxes to get rid of. Mm.


And the big test will be when children come to play . . . .