Nearly Christmas

We don’t do religion, but for us Christmas is a “beanfeast” in the middle of winter to cheer us up. We decorate a tree (along with Hannukah type lights!), we give presents, we eat a lot on 25th December and have much more sweet stuff than we normally would. Chocolate, mince pies, fruit cake with marzipan – love it!

2014-12-20 13.28.56

I bought a wreath “inner” from Hobbycraft, knitted a cover, and then knitted ivy leaves, holly leaves and mistletoe to cover it. A poinsettia at the top, a little knitted robin perching on the bottom. And it won first prize at The Shop! I’m so pleased!

2014-12-20 13.28.45

Feeling very, very tired. Heavy and leaden. Making sure I get a good sleep each afternoon. But I’ve tried to make sure I don’t have much to do each day. Tomorrow – ironing. Monday – nails Calgelled. Tuesday – shopping delivery. Wednesday – bake Raspberry Layer Bake (a sort of posh Bakewell Tart). Thursday – Christmas Day! And that’s it. Until 3rd January when we are having a Hootenanny with as many members of our extended families as can make it. Lovely.

So I wish you all Happy Holidays, whether you are humanist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, whatever. Enjoy.

Busy, busy, busy. Knitting like a madwoman – loving it though. Finished another Pimpelliese (very pleased) and am now on a little jumper for a certain little boy. Cable panels, so easy enough, and quick to knit on double knit yarn. I’m using Sirdar Click which I really like. No problems yet!

Went to a party last night. Yep, me, a party. It was a “cocktails and cupcakes” party, and I was easily old enough to be the mother of anybody there. Very jolly, I had “virgin” cocktails (actually orange juice with grenadine), with a straw and a pretty foil thing which looked like a tiny cheerleader’s pom pom. Stayed for about an hour and half, then went home. In bed for ten past ten. I need my sleep!

Next week building up to making cakes . . . .

Pottered about in the garden for ten minutes today. Sorted out the horrid messy basil plant we keep on the kitchen windowsill so it looks a bit better looked after, and pruned the wistaria, which is constantly going bonkers, and the dead/dying buddleia. Very satisfying.

Went to the osteopath on Tuesday for a jolly good stretching and massage and that always helps. This Thursday I’m having my hands and feet done with Calgel nails. I can’t do nail varnish, my hands are too shaky, and if somebody does it for me, within five minutes I’ve wrecked it (smudge, scratch, chip). So Calgel it is, but not very often.

Have just pre-ordered the Rev Series 2 DVD – out in November. Can’t wait. And am sorting out going to Harry Potter World. Hubby thinks it’s child oriented, but I just don’t care. I really want to go. Oldest grandchild went for his birthday last Thursday and loved it. It sounds excellent, really excellent. And I’m just reading all the Harry Potter books on my Kindle. Currently about a quarter of the way through Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets). Also have just read Quidditch through the Ages (laugh out loud funny) and Fantastic Creatures and where to find them (also funny, but not so laugh out loud). Must get Beedle the Bard’s book too.

Cat very relaxed at the moment:

Bertie the cat

Relaxing . . .