Happy New Year!

Small update.

Horrible two-week long virus involving very sore throat, cough, sinusitis and feeling awful finally gone. Now in M.E. type exhaustion and sleeping practically all the time. Improving.

Christmas Day was lovely. Went to YD, having fetched Mother, and YD’s brother-in-law and young family were there. Food was excellent, had a delightful time and all four children were just sweet.

Brighton and Southampton, where we went on 27th to visit family, were also a delight. Weather was surprisingly mild and sunny.


No knitting mojo at all. None. Nope.

Had various plans for this week – bit of baking, into Solihull for a bit of voucher-spending, library books back, charity shop – not happening. Not this week anyway.

Have decided not to beat myself up for being tired. Just roll with it and sleep a lot.

Ooh. Also. Started a new thing. Am only allowing myself the recommended daily allowance of sugar. 30 gms. Sounds a lot, but I discovered I was getting through at least twice that amount. I’m still able to have chocolate, but a fraction of what I was eating! Feels ok so far. Day four today.


Did my ironing this morning. All of it. Although I had to do it sitting down, as my stupid back is playing up. Painkillers, ice packs, phone call to osteopath tomorrow to see if I can bring forward the next appointment.

Had the leylandii at the back trimmed, and one of the leylandii hedges at the front cut down by half, so it’s just below the level of the roof of my car, which is an old Ford Ka. The other hedge at the front has been dug up and the stumps ground out. That was quite exciting to watch. Two men, fully kitted up in safety gear/helmets/goggles, with a large noisy machine, took approximately 10 minutes max! Now I just need to get as much of the thuggish ivy out of the soil as I can, weedkiller the rest, and see how it is next spring before I plant some more Photinia Red Robin, to match the little hedge at the front, parallel to the house.

Meanwhile, hubby decided to pollard the willow tree himself. Yes, himself. Worked, hard, all morning, up and down ladders with a saw, despite my bleating about stopping now, and did it all. Cut up the twiggy bits and fitted them all into the green wheelie bin. But he then had (heart) “symptoms”  for three days. I was very worried and a bit cross. It is frustrating not to be able to do the stuff you used to do easily. It is. But still. I’ve had years to come to terms with it (slipped a disc 43 years ago) so I do know how difficult and limiting it is. But harrumph. And of course he’s fine now.

Wasn’t able to knit for a couple of weeks – arthritis in my hands. But I’m ok now and nearly finished the Festival shawl (dark grey Gossypium and white/cream Paradou). It’s lovely and easy enough to knit (though not while I’m watching subtitled Swedish programmes!) and I will be pleased with it when it’s done. Next up, Whelk vest top for hubby, in pale grey Rowan yarn. Need to do a sample tension square, because the pattern is for DK, and the yarn I have is worsted. Not much difference, but enough to check first. Also need to check I’m ok with the pattern . . . . .

Have treated myself, after watching Black Earth Rising, to a cuff earring with two chains attached to a small stud. The heroine of said programme wore one, and looked stunning. I won’t look anything like her, of course, she’s about 6 ft tall, black, muscular and slim. Ah well. I do like it though. Hubby thinks it’s weird. Don’t care.

Christmas – presents all done. Not wrapped yet though. And I need to get my act together with regard to cooking. Planning a Yule Log, so need to practise with an ordinary Swiss Roll (tomorrow). Also need to do a carrot cake and a bakewell raspberry slice. And some mince pies (bought pastry, bought mincemeat, just need to put them together . . .)

Nearly Christmas

We don’t do religion, but for us Christmas is a “beanfeast” in the middle of winter to cheer us up. We decorate a tree (along with Hannukah type lights!), we give presents, we eat a lot on 25th December and have much more sweet stuff than we normally would. Chocolate, mince pies, fruit cake with marzipan – love it!

2014-12-20 13.28.56

I bought a wreath “inner” from Hobbycraft, knitted a cover, and then knitted ivy leaves, holly leaves and mistletoe to cover it. A poinsettia at the top, a little knitted robin perching on the bottom. And it won first prize at The Shop! I’m so pleased!

2014-12-20 13.28.45

Feeling very, very tired. Heavy and leaden. Making sure I get a good sleep each afternoon. But I’ve tried to make sure I don’t have much to do each day. Tomorrow – ironing. Monday – nails Calgelled. Tuesday – shopping delivery. Wednesday – bake Raspberry Layer Bake (a sort of posh Bakewell Tart). Thursday – Christmas Day! And that’s it. Until 3rd January when we are having a Hootenanny with as many members of our extended families as can make it. Lovely.

So I wish you all Happy Holidays, whether you are humanist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, whatever. Enjoy.

7th November 2012

I’ve been struggling with the pain in my hand, big time. Saw the consultant last Friday, and he’s put me on his list for surgery. It will be a trapeziectomy, with something fancy schmancy with a tendon to prevent the thumb from shortening. However, the Cocodamol were making no difference, even the 30/500 dose, so I found some Tramadol. I keep a small stock for any back “episodes”, but felt that my hand was so painful I really needed to try something more powerful. And they worked. I hardly had any, so eked them out until today when I saw the GP, and she was very helpful. She’s prescribed me more of them, and suggested I take two Tramadol first thing, and then for the next three doses, take one Tramadol and two Paracetamol. As the Paracetamol were making no difference at all, I was sceptical, but am very pleasantly surprised that it works a treat.

And what about Obama! thank goodness for that. He’s such a good man, and deserved to win. Happy.

Knitting – can do short bursts, but as I’m only doing small projects, that’s ok. Have just tried to knit one daughter some mittens, but the first one turned out absolutely massive, and is even too big for my husband. So I’ve found another pattern, and will get some more, different, yarn and try again.

Much colder here now. But it is November. Christmas shopping going well, more than half done. A few bits and bobs to get, and I need some ideas, but am working on it.

YD hasn’t been very well at all, for several weeks now. Consultant tomorrow, hope s/he suggests something constructive.

Life is becoming busier and busier. I try really hard to keep things to a minimum, but sometimes you just have to do stuff. Friday I have to go into Birmingham for somebody to talk to me about what I need to do to get a job! for goodness’ sake. My friend from school is coming with me, as I don’t cope well with that sort of thing, and I need support. Hubby is at the hospital so he can’t come.

Hubby loves his Kindle which I bought him for his birthday – I’m so pleased. Mine has done a software upgrade today – the first one in a year! but will see what differences there are.

Not sending Christmas cards this year – at 50p second class for each card, it would cost £45 at least just in postage. We’re going to telephone the people we don’t see, which is probably a better idea anyway.

Things are afoot with the Stitch group – premises have been found, the shop may be opening in the not too distant future – it’s so exciting. And walking distance from where I live too!