Bits and Bobs

Well, sadly, all my seedlings died. That is normal for me though. I’m just not great at seeds. I’m better with small plants, and have just planted two sage and one thyme plants in the garden, and the mint in a pot. Mint is not allowed in the garden. It’s such a thug. When it really gets going even in the pot it tries to root in any pots next to it. But I do love it, and the smell.

The old doorbell battery finally stopped working, so I have fitted the new one. I managed to sync it with the ringer – very pleased about that – and have fitted the new pusher thing to the front door. Little things do help me feel better about stuff.

My back is improving but slowly. Went to the hospital today for nerve conduction tests. Unpleasant. It turns out it’s not carpal tunnel syndrome, but cubital tunnel syndrome, which I think is basically nerves in the elbow being crunched. Hmm. Will see if the information gets to the consultant before I have the ultrasound/x-ray/steroid injection next week, and then it’s the week after that I see him. I’m relieved they found something, because I always feel such a fraud. Imposter syndrome, I think they call it. I certainly felt like that at work, always terrified somebody was going to discover I was crap at everything. I wasn’t actually crap at everything, though. Just felt like it.

Hubby’s new hi-fi was fitted yesterday. It all went well and he is very, very happy. The only problem was a technical one, and didn’t affect his music playing. We had access to the wireless network in the lounge, but no wired network in the study. It took me till this morning to work it out, and one of the ethernet cables wasn’t plugged in at all. Not just not where it should be, but not at all. Anyway, once I thought it through, and found it, we had access to the internet, the network, the lot. Hooray. Satisfying, if frustrating yesterday.

So now we have a gardener who comes fortnightly, a cleaner who also comes fortnightly, and a window cleaner who comes every two months. All jobs we are just not physically able to do any more, and I have actually been urging hubby to get a cleaner and a window cleaner for some years. The gardening was my domain, so I didn’t need to persuade anybody! All of them do a wonderful, wonderful job.

Today at about 1 pm, we had thunder and lightning. Only one clap/flash, but boy it was loud! in May!

The cat is currently trying to herd me into the lounge, where she clearly thinks I ought to be at this time of night (6 pm).

Not a terribly good photo of me wearing the top some of the grandchildren gave me for my birthday. This is before my post-lockdown visit to the hairdresser . . .

2nd November 2012

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday. 67 years old. Quite a big number. We had a lovely day together, pottering about. I gave him a Kindle, which he is very pleased with, and is now using it. Next problem – what to get him for Christmas! but I have a few ideas.

Went to the hospital today. Hubby took me, as it’s Warwick Hospital and not that close (but closer than Heartlands!) and we had to be there at 8.35 am. They have decided to operate on my hand thank heavens. They’ll remove the trapezium bone, do something fancy with a tendon to stop the thumb shortening, and inject both hands in the first and second finger knuckles, because those are swollen and painful too. It’ll be a general anaesthetic, day case, and it’s just a question of waiting now and getting some decent pain relief, as I’m struggling at the moment. Co-codamol don’t really help that much with the pain and make me feel very odd and woozy. Tramadol work really well for the pain but I have hardly any of those, so I have made an appointment to see the doctor next week to get some more.

Last night I was woken up about 2 am by the sound of the smoke alarm cheeping to tell me the battery was gone. Now, even fully awake and as alert as I ever am, I’m not good up ladders. Certainly not in the middle of the night. So I eventually shut the bedroom door and hoped for the best. Didn’t work. So I spent the whole night trying to not hear¬† it. When hubby got up, he took the battery out, so I thought Phew, now I can relax. Beep. Beep. Beep. I got up, stomped furiously about, took the batteries out of all the other smoke alarms, and could still hearing beeping. Turns out we have TWO smoke alarms at the top of the stairs. Grrrrr. Took that battery out, replaced the lot, and now we have a NEW PLAN for smoke alarms. The batteries are going to be changed every year, whatever, so I never have another night like that.

So when we got back from the hospital, we both had a nice cuppa (me – tea, him – coffee), a piece of lovely chocolate cake I’d made for his birthday, and I took some painkillers and Went To Bed. I slept for five hours, but am still woozy.¬† If I sleep better tonight (which I should!), all will be well tomorrow.

Am intending to have another go at a new (to me) knitting technique called Magic Loop. It means you can knit stuff in the round without having to use several double-pointed needles, which is difficult for me. I tried yesterday several times, and eventually managed to sort of make it work. I need to be fully rested, calm, and have daylight. So tomorrow it is.