all done – but can’t do capital letters.

nine days since the operation.days one and two – awful, no sleep, haze of pain, 2 tramadol 4 times a day. couldn’t use either hand at all.


day three slightly better, able to be showered and dressed by wonderful hubby. and that felt better.

now, day nine, can type, can dress myself apart from doing up my bra, still need help showering, and am still very tired. when i’ve had a general anaesthetic it takes ages and ages to disperse through my system, so i get waves of aching tiredness. but i’m drinking lots of water. three hours sleep every afternoon. and only taking 2 tramadol 3 times a day. have tried to reduce that but failed. will try again soon.

next tuesday hubby is taking me to the hospital – i’m hoping they’ll take the plaster cast off. trouble is, the appointment with the physios, who told me pre-op i needed to see them immediately after that, is not till friday. so the hospital have advised me to go straight round to physio after they take the cast off and see if somebody will see me.

meanwhile. i’m actually comfortable in long skirts. have bought several new tops. can only wear short sleeves, though, but that’s ok because i’m always, always boiling hot, and anyway they’ll be nice in the summer.

poor hubby though. having to do even more than usual. i always wash up after dinner, because he cooks it. we do have a dishwasher but not everything can go in that – like, say, sharp knives, non-stick stuff, glass saucepan lids, the pressure cooker. he also has to spoon-feed me one of my medicines, as i can’t hold a bottle and pour from it into a teaspoon yet. but there are definite, marked improvements.

i can get my own breakfast. i can deal with the cat’s tray – i’m so pleased about that :-/ – i can type, read on my kindle, lots more than this time last week.

i thought i’d list the things i’ve been doing to stop myself moaning and feel a bit better.

sunday – eat chocolate.
monday – eat chocolate.tuesday – eat chocolate.

oh. there might be a pattern emerging, if only vaguely. 🙂

ah well. i haven’t gained any weight, so won’t worry just yet.

major major problems with music server – poor hubby is having to manage without his DS for the moment. a DS is like a huge expensive iPod and plays all his music. luckily we have his music backed up because his music server died. and getting a new one which works is turning out to be a major pain in the neck. plans are afoot though. not the best time for me to be faffing about with computer stuff really, but i am feeling better in myself.

and yd bought me some beautiful flowers last saturday, which, one week later, look just the same.


11th January 2013

Things have moved on a little since my last blog. I have finished decorating the craft room – although it was a major task for me, and took several days. I could only manage 30 minutes per day, and then I was absolutely exhausted, and needed 3 or 4 hours sleep in the afternoon – and woke up in exactly the same position as I went to sleep in! I needed hubby’s help to move shelf units about, but once that was done, it was relatively easy. I’ve moved all my craft stuff upstairs – again with hubby’s help – and it’s meant that there is a lot more space downstairs. All my sewing stuff, cross stitch stuff (not yet used!), all my card making things, all fitted in the craft room.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Next job – Ikea to get a sofa bed and some curtains. Sounds simple, but has taken hours of research on their website, and measuring up in the craft room. I have a list, which I have done in a spreadsheet – god I’m such a saddo – so that it automatically adds up the cost as I add/remove things.

There may be more photos when we’ve got everything from Ikea, and it’s all set up.

I have been treating myself most nights to a slice of the absolutely delicious fruit cake I made before Christmas. I actually made two, and froze them in slices, because nobody except me likes it. It’s dried fruit, soaked in orange juice overnight, then some self raising flour added, and because it was Christmas I added a slice of marzipan in the middle of each cake, as if it were a Simnel cake. It’s just delicious. I get it out of the freezer at lunchtime, and think about it all afternoon and evening until I just have to eat it, about 8 pm or 8.30 pm. Lovely. But will refrain from making any more until March I think, and minus the marzipan, delicious as it is, so that I can make that the Christmas version.

The cat has to have her meals in two parts – 1/4 of a sachet each part, so her breakfast makes 1/2 a sachet, and so does her dinner. We have to leave at least 10 minutes in between each fraction of a sachet, or she wolfs it all down and vomits it all back up again, and is then hungry and skittish for hours. And that happened tonight. I’m just about to give her some more biscuits and hope that shuts her up.

Pain in hands – dreadful when I was decorating, but has eased now.

13th November 2012

Pain control – well, the Tramadol + Paracetamol work to a degree, and certainly better than the Cocodamol. But I’m still in some pain, and feeling very worn down by it. Seeing the doctor next week, so will talk to her about it then.

Went to a craft show at the NEC last week. Disaster. I thought if I went on my own, I could potter about and sit down whenever I needed to, and just take it gently. Within ten minutes I was shaking, dry-mouthed, and just wanted to sit down and cry. Fortunately I didn’t, but it was just so crowded I was feeling panicky. Had a cup of tea, and calmed down a bit, but didn’t find anything I wanted to buy, and after 50 minutes of hell, I found my way out (with the help of two police officers), and phoned hubby to ask him to fetch me home. I was still shaking half an hour after I got home.  What a waste of £9 for the ticket.

The trip to Birmingham to see the “get a job” people didn’t materialise. They phoned me up two hours before I was supposed to be there, and talked me through it on the phone. Eventually they suggested I could maybe work from home. Hmm. I’m just asleep all the time! and weepy and pathetic when I’m awake.

Yesterday morning had my feet done – love it. This morning went to see my friend I used to work with – didn’t stay long, and had a much needed rest this afternoon.

Have tried to do some knitting tonight, but had to stop, take some painkillers, and come and play on the computer. It’s settled a bit now, so may have another go. I’m knitting some mittens, with an owl pattern on the back, for YD.

Well, I think that’s probably it for now. The knitting group is going well, and things are afoot. One of the women has a foster dog, who is being socialised ready to be a “helper” dog for people with extra needs. She’s called Paige, and will be allowed into the coffee shop on Thursday because of her special status, and I can’t wait to meet her! she looks beautiful.